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There is actually a best way to buy your life’s needs and wants to fulfill your dreams.

 IBC 3 ways to save for your needs

 If You Have Dreams… We Have The Solutions…

How Can I Fulfill My Dreams, you ask?

Everything we do with our money will fulfill our dream or fulfill someone else’s dream.

What does this mean?, I have been asked.

Every decision we make about every penny we earn will either help us fulfill our dreams, if it was an informed decision, or pull us further away from our dreams, if the decision was not based on all the facts regarding our financial circumstances.

If it is pulling us further away from our dreams, then someone else is more than likely profiting and so they are getting closer to their dreams.

Every penny in circulation is earning somebody money and losing somebody else money. It all depends on whether you treat your money like a bank owner does or not.

It is really important to know the true cost of anything we are spending our money on, no matter how we pay for it.

Interest is always working. It is either working for you or working against you, but it never stops working.

Most people are paying so much more interest than what they are ever aware of, even if they are paying with cash.

If you want to get closer to manifesting your dreams, stop fulfilling the banks dreams. Start your money working for you 24/7/365.

Start using a system that helps to make interest work for you more often, right now.

Learn how to simply reposition and maximize your money so you become wealthy in the safest way possible.

Do you even know what your dreams are anymore?

Are you willing to have a paradigm shift in the way you understand banking and read a book called Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash, with an open mind?

Are you willing to take some time to meet with my colleagues and I via online webinar and talk about some little known financial and banking strategies?


Will you choose to do nothing and let your creditors continue to use your money to get rich when you could be using it yourself?

Will you continue to spend cash without realizing you are still paying interest on that cash?

Will you allow the “Sounds too Good To Be True” voice in your head stop you?

Will you continue to do the same thing with your money and get the same results for the rest of your life?

Really, what are you going to do? Something or Nothing?

Contact me today. You have nothing to lose but your dreams.



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Becoming Your Own Banker for Multi-tasking Debt Elimination Dollars

 Private Reserve Banking System

understanding debt

(Our Retire­ment Ready-or-Not cal­cu­la­tor helps you deter­mine how much you will want to put away while you are work­ing so you can main­tain your cur­rent stan­dard of liv­ing after you retire)

When you pay off college loan debts, credit card debts, car loan repayments etc. what happens to the money you make those repayments with? It is gone forever. It is never coming back. It has performed one action for you, it has helped pay off one debt and that is all it has done.

If I could show you a way that would allow you to capture much of the principal and interest charges back into your account, when would you want to learn how to do that?

Many people, after learning about Infinite Banking, either don’t come to see me because they think they have too much debt and so cannot afford another expense added to their budget, (but we utilize those same dollars to do more than one thing) or wait till they have paid off their debt before they come to see me (not realizing they could have used that money multiple times).

It saddens me when either of these scenarios occur and it also proves how brainwashed our society as a whole is, in regards to cash flow and how to best utilize their hard earned dollars. Life insurance when designed and utilized correctly within a Mutual Insurance company structure, can multitask the same money you are paying your debts off with. Of course you have to have some savings and or be saving while paying off your debts for the best results.

Rather than investigating a whole different paradigm of money management, many people either ignore it, thinking they could not possibly qualify or they do what they have always been taught to do, uni-task their dollars by throwing as much as possible towards debt principal pay off to save interest charges without considering the lost opportunity costs associated with the spending of those dollars.

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Understanding ‘Private’ Banking – 5 minute video selections

If you don’t have ALL these benefits with your money, ask yourself, WHY NOT? It’s time to get control. IMAGINE!

Now contact me today. Jennifer 845-649 -7487

Have you ever thought to ask....

Sign-Up to Learn More from These Free Videos:

Then: Contact Jennifer Hansen for a free private webinar session at

845-649-7487 or

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My Win Win Offer – The Bible of Banking – Becoming Your Own Banker

Order your copy of BECOMING YOUR OWN BANKER by Bestselling Author,R. Nelson Nash below.




                                   $22 includes shipping in USA

Official PayPal Seal

Pool of Capital

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How Privatized Banking Really Works

How Privatized Banking Really Works

Integrating Austrian Economics with the Infinite Banking Concept By L. Carlos Lara and Robert P. Murphy, PhD. What if there was a solution to government intervention and our current money madness? Would you hesitate one minute in wanting to know what it is? Of course not! No one would. The problem is so pervasive that a solution seems impossible and yet, there is a solution. This solution’s only requirement is the action of a single person acting in a manner to help only himself, but in so acting ultimately he helps all of society.

Access Your Free E-Book Version Below.


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American Life About to CHANGE – BIG TIME.

Dual Universe Of The Petro Yuan and Petro Dollar Has Arrived, It’s All About To Change: Jim Willie


Deep State deeds are coming back to bite us. They used our military to war war war all over the world and create enemies and so many poor people. Trump is draining the swamp so this will all be put to bed.

Each country, including America, will have asset backed sovereign currencies. Peace and prosperity will reign for all.


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PROBATE – Does Your Trust Protect You From BOTH State and Federal PROBATE?

This trust protects all your assets and does so much more. 




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Time to Investigate an Easy Solution to Eminent Domain


Ask me about  a Real Life True Example:


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TRUMP Declares World Wide New Monetary System that is Fare for ALL.


No he didn’t say one world currency like the title of this video. Each country will have their own sovereign asset backed currency so all countries will be able to live in peace trading with each other unlike the current Cabal Enforced Hegemony of War Mongering Elites with their now worthless fiat system.

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Harnessing the POWER of BANKING to Create Generational Wealth

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Protected: Foreclosure Help

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Demonetization is the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender

DEFINITION of ‘Demonetization’

Demonetization is the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender. Demonetization is necessary whenever there is a change of national currency. The old unit of currency must be retired and replaced with a new currency unit.

The opposite of demonetization is remonetization where a form of payment is restored as legal tender.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Demonetization’

There are multiple reasons why nations demonetize their local units of currency. Some reasons include to combat inflation, to combat corruption, and to discourage a cash system. The process of demonetization involves either introducing new notes or coins of the same currency or completely replacing the old currency with new currency.

In 2016, the Indian government decided to demonetize the 500- and 1000- rupee notes, the two biggest denomination notes. These notes accounted for 86% of the country’s cash supply. The government’s goal was to eradicate counterfeit currency, fight tax evasion, eliminate black money gotten from money laundering and terrorist financing activities, and promote a cashless economy. By making the larger denomination notes worthless, individuals and entities with huge sums of black money gotten from parallel cash systems were forced to convert the money at a bank which is by law required to acquire tax information from the entity. If the entity could not provide proof of making any tax payments on the cash, a tax penalty of 200% of the tax owed was imposed.

In 2015, the Zimbabwean government demonetized the Zimbabwean dollar as a way to combat the country’s hyperinflation that was recorded at 231,000,000%. The 3-month process involved expunging the Zimbabwean dollar from the country’s financial system and solidifying the US dollar, Botswana pula, and South African rand as the country’s legal tender in a bid to stabilize the economy.

Another example of demonetization occurred when the nations of the European Monetary Union adopted the euro in 2002. In order to switch to the euro, authorities first fixed exchange rates for the varied national currencies into euros. When the euro was introduced, the old national currencies were demonetized. However, the old currencies remained convertible into euros for a while so that a smooth transition through demonetization would be assured.

The Coinage Act of 1873 demonetized silver in favor of adopting the gold standard as the legal tender of the United States. The withdrawal of silver from the economy resulted in a contraction of the money supply, which subsequently led to a 5-year economic depression in the country. In response to the dire situation and pressure from silver miners and farmers, the Bland-Allison Act remonetized silver as legal tender in 1878.


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World Wide Global Currency Reset involving 209 Countries – Killing Fiat Monetary System

Don’t believe any of the hysteria, all is going well. Know that this is orchestrated for the good of all mankind. Please seek your news from anywhere except mainstream propaganda of which less than 50% is truth but mixed in with so many lies it is a distorted truth so not really truth.
This is a systemic failure not a market failure or market correction. All markets, for the first time in history, are failing at the same time for good reason. World currencies are getting closer to parity, which is what they are manipulating so all countries currencies are tied to the $455 per ounce of gold. Gold will not be a commodity it will be sold on it’s weight and measure and is the foundation for this currency reset.
They don’t want to crash the US economy but are destroying the fiat money system worldwide so it will be very impactful for all the markets. And I mean VERY impactful. A collapse in ALL asset classes, stocks, bonds, commodities. Derivatives will disappear.That is what you are witnessing. A worldwide historical event. Cash is your best bet right now because every fiat dollar will turn into an asset backed dollar which will have a buying power of 3 or 4 times more. 
Valuation has to be established. There is only one way out and that is to revalue the currencies. They are carefully adjusting the valuations but not the machinary. The currencies are being deleveled down to parity before they go to the gold standard. They cannot destroy the mechanisms behind the markets but they are taking away the infastructure behind the cabal. You are witnessing crashing in slow motion.

It will obviously take time  for the banks to recalculate the true cost of your house which may be worth less dollars but each dollar will have a greater buying power. Student loans may disappear due to them being part of the fiat fake money system. IRS will be run by the US Treasury and not the International for-profit banking cartel that has been in control of it along with the Federal Reserve Bank which is not Federal, not a reserve for the American People and not a bank. Learn about that here:

The bankers will use Trump as their scape goat like they did Herbert Hoover. They are setting him up as they need someone to blame. 
Deutsche Bank will collapse but all is quiet as they are deciding how to explain it the people. The derivatives will disappear with it. China may buy what is left of it. They don’t want people to know. But this has been being going on for 250 years.
Thought you might be interested in this: Q&A with Dr. Judy Shelton, the only female economist advising the Trump campaign.
Trump interviewing potential Treasury Secretary who advocates gold standard and ending the Fed.

Bank of Japan Posts 699 Bln Yen in FX Losses, Eyes More Turmoil Ahead

Economic Times 11/28
Good news – Trump wants to bring back the Glass-Steagall Act, also known as the Banking Act of 1933 (48 Stat. 162), was passed by Congress in 1933 and prohibits commercial banks from engaging in the investment business. It was enacted as an emergency response to the failure of nearly 5,000 banks during the Great Depression.
In 1999, Democrats led by President Bill Clinton and Republicans led by Sen. Phil Gramm joined forces to repeal Glass-Steagall at the behest of the big banks. This was removed and caused the 2008 crash. Then they created Dodd Frank to fix it but it didn’t fix it so Trump wants to put us back to the Glass-Steagall. Yeah!
Banks will soon have to be Basel 3 & 4 compliant and will be gold/asset backed worldwide. Looking forward to this.
Who ended Glass Steagall?
President Bill Clinton signed the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act into law, permitting the partial repeal of the protective Glass–Steagall Act which led to the formation of the housing bubble over the next decade until its burst in 2008 at the end of Bush’s presidency.
Listen to this conference call  – National Liberty Alliance contacting Trump to support redress of grievances to United States Supreme Court
Interesting – Federal Reserve Act Remedy Title 12 – this is what people have using to NOT pay income taxes
Worth listening to Pat Buchanan
Worth listening to these conference calls also – at, if you value your freedom
The United States of America is a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY
We believe Benjamin Franklin showed us all the way on September 18, 1787, when, at the close of the meeting in Philadelphia, where our Constitutional Republic was formed; as he emerged from the meeting; and, Mrs. Powell directly asked him, “Well, Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” Mr. Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”
Home Schooling and getting rid of Common Core

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Where Do Your Taxes Go?

Are You Paying Too Much?

Tammy S. is 45 years old and makes $4.25 an hour as a waitress. She is taxed on her hourly wage plus eight percent of her table receipts; she is taxed on the “gifts” she may or may not receive from customers in the form of tips. When customers tip less than eight percent, it costs Tammy money to wait on them.

Richard R. has always made a good living managing an auto parts store. In recent years taxes on his salary have increased to the point his take-home pay is not much higher than that of his hourly employees. In years past he had been able to live comfortably as long as he spent his money responsibly. This year no matter how much he tightens his belt it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet his monthly obligations.

James S. started cleaning one office in 1984. By 1994 he had a prosperous janitorial company with 43 employees and a fleet of well-outfitted service vans. By working hard and meeting the demand for excellent cleaning services at competitive prices, James was living the American dream. Over the last few years the dream has been replaced by a nightmare of government rules, regulations, fees and taxes, taxes, taxes…

Juries recently deny IRS convictions in tax cases; government fails to prove wages are taxable “income” employers must withhold. The People’s Income Tax Guide explores the circumstances in America that made an income tax necessary, what the term “income” really means and why today’s hard-working, law-abiding Americans are finding it difficult to provide for themselves and their families.

 Where Do Your Taxes Go?

According to the 2001 World Almanac, the federal government claimed just over $1 trillion in revenues from income taxes in 2000—up from $895 billion in 1999.
   In the world of the working class, we put our few hundred dollars into a checking account to cover the checks we write to pay our monthly bills; savings are minimal, if any at all.
   In the world of high finance and multi-billion dollar budgets, things are more complex. This is a world of politicians, lawyers, accountants, businessmen and bankers; a world of credit, fractional reserve banking, interest, stocks, bonds, trusts, annuities, futures, letters of credit and other financial instruments.
   We are taught to believe our taxed labors are applied directly to building and maintaining roads, bridges, schools, parks and national forests for the public good. However, research shows that the $1 trillion collected is not deposited into any bank account to pay the nation’s bills.
   So, the next logical question is, “Where are all these tax dollars going?”


Most people believe their tax dollars are applied directly to the expenses of government. An extension of this same belief promotes people’s desire to pay their fair share of the tax burden so we can all enjoy the benefits of living in America.

The Grace Commission

Industrialist Peter Grace and syndicated columnist Jack Anderson formed the Grace Commission in 1982 in response to President Reagan’s “Private Sector Survey on Cost Control.” Two years later, after 161 corporate executives and community leaders directed over 2,000 researchers to investigate government spending, the 47-volume, 21,000-page Grace Commission Report was published.

The $76 million study was funded entirely from private sector donations and cost the taxpayers nothing. The commission made 2,478 recommendations that would save the taxpayers $424.4 billion over three years without cutting essential services or raising taxes.

In a letter to President Reagan dated January 12, 1984, Grace encapsulated his commission’s findings. He warned the president of multi-trillion dollar government debts by the year 2000 should the federal government not act upon his commission’s recommendations.

In this same letter, Grace told President Reagan that “one-third” of the tax dollars collected are wasted and another third not collected. “With two-thirds of everyone’s personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt and by Federal Government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government.”

Your slice of the pie

The fiscal year 2004 federal budget is about $2 trillion. The spending in percentages this year looks like this:
22.6%—interest on the debt
19%—health care
5.5%—income security
3.4%—veterans’ benefits
2.5%—nutrition spending
11.4%—everything else

Looking at it a different way, if you had $1,500 deducted from your paychecks as an “income” tax and your tax dollars were directly applied to government expenses, your contributions by category would be:
$339—interest on national debt
$83—income security
$51—veterans’ benefits
$38—nutrition spending
$24—environmental protection
$216—everything else

But, if the Grace Commission is correct, then not one penny of income tax money is actually being spent on services the American People expect their government to provide.

So what is funding government? Tax researcher Richard Standring believes the U.S. funds itself with loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The IMF?

The IMF was created at the United Nations Monetary and Financial conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, July 12, 1944. Per Title 22, Section 286 U.S. Code, the U.S. became an IMF member in 1945.

Standring followed checks naming the IRS as the payee. He claims the checks go to a Federal Reserve bank, a private banking institution that has never been audited. The money then goes to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and is deposited into what is called a “Quad Zero” account. It is from this account that IRS tax refunds are distributed (per 22 USC 286 and 31 CFR 11, section 214.7).

According to Standring’s research, whatever is left over is then transferred to the IMF. From there the money is redistributed among countries throughout the world—including the U.S.—in the form of loans. These loans must then be paid back to IMF bankers at interest.

According to the U.S. Bureau of the Public Debt, Americans were in the red $1.663 trillion in 1984. Twenty years later the debt has increased nearly five-fold to $7.1 trillion.


  1. Government waste is no secret.
  2. In 1984 the Grace Commission accurately predicted $multi-trillion government debt by 2000.
  3. The IMF, not the American people, is funding the operations of government through loan capital it receives, in part, through taxation of Americans’ wages.
  4. With every dollar paid to the IRS in taxes, America’s debt to the IMF increases—with interest.
  5. Paying wage taxes supports global banking, not the U.S. government or Americans.

What about schools and roads?

Schools, roads and bridges are not funded by income taxes at all. Property taxes fund schools; roads and bridges are funded by gas taxes; airports, sewer and water systems are funded by user fees.

The originators of this site hope this information will be useful to educate the public and change the hearts of our leaders. Nothing on this website and in these articles is intended to give legal advice. Nothing on this site is intended to incite anyone to commit acts against our civil government. You are advised to read this material and other material on this subject as well as seek legal advice before you commit yourself to any course of action.

All Content ©2003, 2004 Income Tax Guide | site design by cominus |

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Cost of Insurance to increase for universal life and variable universal life policies

Life App.jpg

Cost of Insurance Increase Announced by Another Major Carrier


Lincoln Financial Group announced that Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York, acting as administrative agent and reinsurer, will be raising the COI rates on a specific block of universal life and variable universal life policies 

It appears the exact dates of the increases are policy specific.  In sample letters to policy owners, Lincoln notes that “the expected cost of providing insurance coverage has risen, due to a variety of factors including lower investment income and higher expenses.”

Like with other carriers who have raised rates, it is important for you to provide your policy owners with suggested options, including; continuing to pay current premium, increasing the amount of premium paid in order to keep the policy in-force, lowering the death benefit amount, or surrendering the policy.

There appear to be 18 product series affected with issue dates from 1983 to 2000, with many policies issued in the 1990’s. Lincoln has yet to announce the exact percentage increase, explaining the “amount of the COI rate increases depends upon the product.” 

With low interest rates and COI increases, we may be in for more of the same over the next few years.

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Protected: My Recorded Videos

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L54) Life Insurance vs. Modified Endowment Contracts

1.3 – Life Insurance vs. Modified Endowment Contracts

Current tax law specifies that a life insurance policy is one that passes the 7-pay test. This test requires that the premiums paid during the policy’s first seven years cannot exceed the sum of the net level premiums necessary to fund a fully paid-up policy at the end of seven years. If cumulative premiums do not exceed the specified amount during the first seven years, the policy is deemed a life insurance contract, subject to tax treatment normally applicable to life insurance. If cumulative premiums exceed the specified amount during any one of the first seven years, the policy will be deemed a modified endowment contract, or MEC, subject to different, less favorable tax treatment.

Example: Life Insurance vs. MECs

For example, assume that a policy provides for a death benefit that would require the payment of $14,000 in premiums by the end of Year 7 to be a fully paid-up policy. As long as cumulative premiums paid do not exceed the cumulative maximum amount in any year, the policy will pass the 7-pay test and will be considered life insurance.

As the following chart shows, in Year 4, the policyowner pays an amount into the policy that causes the total premium paid to exceed the total amount allowed as of that point. In that year, the policy fails the 7-pay test and will be deemed a MEC. And although the total premiums paid through Year 7 do not exceed the total cumulative limit, the amount deposited in Year 4 caused the policy to become a MEC.


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Every penny of your tax dollars pays for your national debt to the banksters.

Take back Control of Your Money.

Every penny of your tax dollars pays for your national debt to the banksters.
The banksters then loan your hard earned tax money back to the govt. and charge interest on it for your basic public services.

If you earn an average salary over your lifetime you will pay the banksters over 1,000,000 in taxes.
3/4 of your lifetime of work pays for your government debt to the banksters and your personal debt to the banksters on your mortgaged houses, your car loan, student loans and other loans.

The banksters game is all about taking your money in taxes and then loaning your money back to you again with interest.
They take property taxes, gas taxes, food taxes, clothing taxes, and dozens of other taxes and fees. Inflation, which they create, is a hidden tax.

Collectively the public willingly hands over trillions of dollars annually to the banksters by depositing money in their banks, paying taxes to their central banks, supplying labour to the corporations, buying stock in their corporations and then spending their savings in their corporate superstores.

So what do the banksters do with all your money that they pocket?

They bomb, rob, kill, colonize, exploit and advance their cause for global control and for your eventual enslavement.

Refuse to fight their wars.

Who took all the real money, the gold? The govt. and replaced it for the people in the form of green back paper backed by nothing. Worth something only because the govt. says so.

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Walter E Williams – Economics And Personal Liberty


 Professor Williams is interviewed regarding his contention that Keynesian economics is an assault against personal liberty.







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Debt is the weapon used to conquer and enslave societies. Interest is its prime ammunition.


World Bank – International Monetary Fund.
Physical slavery requires people to be housed and fed.
Economic slavery requires people to feed and house themselves.
It is one of the most ingenious scams for social manipulation ever created and at its core it is an invisible war against the population.
Debt is the weapon used to conquer and enslave societies. Interest is its prime ammunition.
The majority walks around oblivious to this reality while banks in collusion with governments and corporations continue to perfect and expand their tactics of economic warfare.

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Protected: Social Security Claiming Strategies for Married Couples

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Protected: L52) The historical process by which the original, favored position of whole life deteriorated. Includes the standard features of whole life insurance — such as its traditional use as a savings vehicle as the public often cannot consider IBC if they have (erroneous) preconceptions about whole life insurance.

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If You Do Not Govern Yourself, You Will Be Governed, Free webinar by Lawrence W. Reed, President of Foundation of Economic Education.

FREE Webinar titled “Are We Good Enough for Liberty?”

by Lawrence W. Reed, President of Foundation of Economic Education.

Register today and receive a free copy of Larry’s book – “Are We Good Enough for Liberty?”

When: March 31, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Where: Webinar

Cost: Free

Lawrence W. Reed

We believe the key for individuals and families to meet the current and future economic challenges is for them to better understand the value of certainty and how to achieve their maximum financial potential with the least degree of risk.

Our events are educational based. We share information about financial strategies and discuss their use in financial planning in a seminar format. It is entertaining and engaging. We do not solicit the sales of financial products or services in our seminar environment.

There is absolutely no obligation to attend our events.

Just click on this link to register:


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Forever Taxed or Never Taxed – If You Have Taxable Savings, You Have a Problem; by Established CPA and tax adviser, Ed Slott

Forever Taxed or Never Taxed – What does your retirement plan include?

If you have taxable savings – you have a problem, and so do your beneficiaries!

Forever Taxed or Never Taxed - Ed Slott

Life insurance may be the most under used strategy to protect large retirement balances from being decimated at the highest levels of taxation. Who is most at risk? Those of you who have the largest IRA’s or other tax deferred savings accounts.

Most people don’t understand how life insurance works as an effective planning tool. Life insurance can fix lots of retirement problems and even create wealth; and tax free wealth.

Understand what life insurance tax planning can do for you both during your lifetime and after your death.

Ed wants you to understand what’s in it for you from an unbiased, objective, tax advantaged point of view. Let Ed tell you why he thinks life insurance is the missing piece in most peoples retirement and estate plans.

The tax exemption for life insurance is the single biggest benefit in the tax code.

Read the rest of this post »

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Protected: L 51) L M R 2015

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Wealth Seminar – Free Dinner and Educational Workshop on Unique Financial Strategies. California


VERY IMPORTANT:  PLEASE, let me know you are going so I can give Bob your name and have my colleague welcome you.

You can contact me via, text, phone call or email at (845) 649-7487 or to register

Bob Means seminar



New Location, very close to advertized location.

California Pizza Kitchen 12171 Seal Beach Blvd. Seal Beach, CA. 90740

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Feb. 2015 Dinners – Creating Financial Certainty in Uncertain Economic Times. You Are Invited

Please be so kind as to make sure you mention Jennifer Hansen of Debt Diagnosis invited you. Thank you. Please enjoy a free meal on us. I am in New York so will not be attending but if you let me know that you are going, I will have my great friend and mentor Craig Floyd or Jason Henderson meet with you in person. My number is (845) 649-7487 and my email is Contact me via text, phone call or email.

Alliance Dinners Feb 2015

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If What You Thought To Be True About Money Turned Out Not To Be True, When Would You Want To Know That?

If What You Thought To Be True About Money Turned Out Not To Be True, When Would You Want To Know That?

Making One Small Change can open up a whole new world. Are you game enough to give it a go?

Under­stand, how right now, you are the loaner of your money, but you can be the owner of your money.

One small change

Understand, how right now, you are the loaner of your money, but you can be the owner of your money.

A Scientist bought a potted plant and gathered some caterpillars and lined them up around the rim of the pot and watched them walk around and around without ever stopping, or even slowing down. Around and around they went. As long as they were following the one in front they felt like they were going somewhere. After a week of endless starvation and exhaustion they fell off, one by one and died. They never learned that all they had to do was to make one small change moving an inch, a centimeter or even a millimeter or to the right or the left and their lives would have been changed.

Isn’t this how most people do their banking?

This is what everyone does!

It has always been this way!

What other way could there possibly be?

How could the way I bank make much of a difference?

I trust my banks professionals to advise me for my benefit not the banks benefit.

There is wealth all around us but we have tunnel vision. I am asking that at least for our meetings, you allow yourself to turn your gaze a little to the right or to the left so a financial paradigm may take place for you.

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Do you have NO-LAPSE Protection Strategies on Your Whole Life Insurance Policy? Free Evaluation.

Are you finding it difficult to pay your whole life insurance premiums?

Don’t lose your policy by just stopping your payments. You own a valuable asset. There are many strategies you can use to either keep it alive for your loved ones, or benefit from the built up cash or death benefit now, while you are alive. If you need help deciding your options, please call me today so we can evaluate them for you. Don’t throw away good money. We can show you how you can benefit from it now, or how your loved ones can help you now and benefit from it later. Even though we believe in keeping it in the family, if you so wish, we can also find outside of your family parties to help.

No-Lapse Protection on your wholelife insurance policy update

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Mortgages and More…. Multi Tasking Dollars for Real Estate and How is Buying a Home/Real Estate, a Wealth Transfer?

Mortgages and More....



Password: Call me for an appointment, Jennifer Hansen 845-649-7487


Password: Call me for an appointment, Jennifer Hansen 845-649-7487


Password: Call me for an appointment, Jennifer Hansen 845-649-7487

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Fallacious Accounting by Our Government – 15 Nobel Prize Winners, 1,000 Top Economists come together. JOIN IN TODAY

America in Worse Fiscal Shape than Detroit-Professor Laurence Kotlikoff By Greg Hunter On December 4, 2013 In Market Analysis 109 Comments

KotlikoffBy Greg Hunter’s

Boston University Economics Professor, Laurence Kotlikoff, says, “The country is in worse fiscal shape by many miles than Detroit. So, the country is essentially bankrupt.” Dr. Kotlikoff estimates the long term debt and liabilities of America are more than $200 trillion! He is spearheading a bill in Congress called The Inform Act. It is an attempt to wake up the nation to our dire financial situation so something can be done to fix this enormous problem. Dr. Kotlikoff explains, “The bill has been endorsed by over 1,000 economists, including 15 Nobel Prize winners in economics . . .Never in the history of this country have this many top economists from all political persuasions endorsed a piece of legislation like this.” Dr. Kotlikoff and his fellow economists all contend, “The country needs to do honest accounting.” The professor charges the government is “disguising the true problem.” Dr. Kotlikoff says, “The government is printing mountains of money to pay its bills. The Fed is printing 29 cents of every dollar that Uncle Sam is spending.” What happens if this continues? Dr. Kotlikoff says, “Eventually somebody recognizes this and starts dumping the bonds, and interest rates go up, and inflation takes off, and were off to the races.” In closing, Dr. Kotlikoff warns, “This is going to crash, but there are different ways for cancer to kill you. It can be very gradual . . . or it can attack some organ and you can die overnight. Either of those outcomes can happen.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Professor Laurence Kotlikoff.

Click on video even if greyed out. 


Professor Kotlikoff and, indeed, virtually the entire economics profession, are appealing for your help to get your members of Congress, starting with your Senators, to pass this vital law.

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STUDENT LOAN SCENARIO – how can $4,000 actually increase your wealth by $18,299.32?

 How many student loans do you own? Blindly paying monthly payments without understanding what is really going on behind the scenes with each of your loans can create devastating unmanageable increasing debt load. Let me help you understand what is going on with your debts and come up with a plan so there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. If you are ready to go to work, we are ready to help you save. call us if you have a burning desire to get out of debt.

Financial Prison

KN Debts

Focusing on just one loan:

3rd Sallie Mae loan for $12,178.42 being charged a 9% interest rate and student being told $88.60 is her required monthly payment.

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GAMES LENDERS PLAY WITH YOUR STUDENT LOANS – Student Loan Misinformation that causes lifelong increasing debt.

The owner of this student loan has been told by the lender her monthly payment need only be $48, and that is what she has been paying for a number of years. She believes that the loan is a ten (10) year loan also.

Why isn’t basic loan mathematics a requirement to understand before anyone can legally lend someone money?

Below is an example of one of her NINE student loans. Her govt. Sallie Mae loans have a 9% interest rate.

The Keyensian Economic system, which is based on debt, is killing our country, destroying our youths financial potential, and is turning every citizen into a slave of the state. Each parent should take on the responsibility of teaching their children How Money Really Works. If you don’t know, then call me today, Jennifer Hansen 845-649-7487.

The amortization schedule below has a monthly payment of $89.88. That is $41.88 more than she has been paying. Even so, it will take her 20 years to pay it off with a 3.7% interest rate. However……..

PLEASE LOOK AT THE VOLUME OF INTEREST HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW – 41.673% is actual interest dollar percentage of loan amount originally borrowed she will be paying. $6,345.20 is 41.673% of $15,226.00.

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