Thanksgiving with family

It is really wonderful when your grown children want to come home and visit you and each other. I feel as though we have been very blessed and have so much to be grateful for. All my kids (I call them kids even though their ages range from 15 in a few days, to 20, 24 and 26) are happy to hang out together. We live where the air is clean and the roads aren’t too busy. We have access to good live food. And even though our friends are moving away, one by one, to bigger and better places, at the moment we are happy to be here.

In our first 19 years of marriage, we actually moved 20 times. Don’t ask me how or why, it just happened that way. We have been in the house we currently reside in since 2000 though, so maybe another move will be in the stars. Either way is fine by me. Visiting and living in different places and cultures opens your mind to God’s vastness and creativity. It also gives you the experience of how we are really all the same on the inside. God’s love is everywhere, it is just that some can see it and others call it something else. My experience though is that most people experience it in some form or another, whether they call it that or recognize that or not. Who cares, so long as love and respect is experienced by all.

My kids have met and lived with people from many countries and cultures. 4 different continents in fact. India, Australia, Europe and Eastern & Western states of North America. They have lived in Ashrams as well as apartments and houses, large and small, boarding schools as well as college dorms. They’ve lived with room mates and alone.

They have experienced many different types of schools.  Waldorf (Rudolph Steiner in Australia), Montessori, Quaker, Siddha Yoga, Public, Non-Denominational Private, Catholic, and Home schools.

My first and last were born in South Fallsburg New York as home births and the middle two were born in Australia, one a cesarean and the next at a private birthing center in to water.

My daughter has graduated college with BA in Art History with a concentration in Architecture and a minor in Math and is now married to an Albanian fellow whom she met while living in England for 2 years. He was living there also at the time.  They both have jobs they are happy with where they have both been promoted.

My oldest son graduated with a BS and has started his own business as equal partner with my 2nd son who is half way through college. Both earned Eagle Scout rank with Boy Scouts of America, one while we were in Oregon and the other while in New York. They were also nominated as prefects at their school in Pennsylvannia and are also members of a band named The Ingredients. One is a drummer, the other a lead singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist.

My youngest is loving his 5 day boarding school and was so happy to see his older siblings over Thanksgiving. He told me he always feels a little down and sad when they all leave. He is looking forward to being on IS (Independent Study) after his first trimester grades were so good, he earned that status.

How fortunate we are. Thank you Thank you Thank you to all who have influenced our lives.

December 2, 2008 · Jennifer · 7 Comments
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  1. Judith Nadamoto - December 2, 2008

    You are blessed. I wish you many more family gatherings as your family expands and travels. Aloha, Judith

  2. Jeff - December 4, 2008

    You and your family living in so many countries must be an incredible learning experience of the many diverse cultures and languages. Obviously you and your children have gained much personal growth from this that you couldn’t get from reading books or taking short vacations to other countries.


  3. Sherry - December 4, 2008

    What a treasure you have giving your children. The experiences that they will have all their days. The education of life is so much more when one lives it and you gave your children just that. In growing up with my family we travel a lot but mainly all in state. We have been in Mexico and Canada but that is as far as we went. But I treasure those times. My dad not with us now, but I reflect on times we had traveling and living in other parts of the USA and it warms my heart. Without knowing it they gave of them self as we dealt with life and I will always remember those days with joy and heart felt feelings. So hats off to you my dear. Your gift will never be forgotten.


  4. Kevin Jackson - December 4, 2008

    wow, what a powerful story. thanks for sharing and always being helpful on the forums.

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  7. Thurm Alison - November 27, 2009

    Wow everybody, it is Thanksgiving Day! I’m enjoying my extra day off, and I am planning to doing something fun that will probably involve a bike ride and seeing something new in San Ramon I haven’t seen yet.
    You write something new at Thanksgiving?

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