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After learning about the GPS selling system at the United First Financial DC Regional event last month, and then refreshing my memory with a Todd Avery webinar two Saturday’s ago, I had the opportunity to actually use it with a client.

I felt uncomfortable asking the questions that are part of the script but I asked them any way. To my surprise the clients were happy with the questions and even commented on how they appreciated them.

I felt uncomfortable showing 3 videos and not doing the live ppt presentation, but after two appointments they were ready to move forward with the paperwork.

I felt uncomfortable while doing the 4.1 demo software presentation but moved on and used the analysis to do some different scenerios and so they were happy with their results.

It worked.

During all my other presentations where I felt comfortable doing the live presentation  and their analysis in front of them, either I did not make the sale or it took months to close.

What’s that all about? Am I supposed to feel uncomfortable all the time because that means I am out of my comfort zone and therefore growing and therefore in a different state of conciousness that is more open and loving, and the client picks up on that?

You tell me what you think.

December 4, 2008 · Jennifer · 4 Comments
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  1. Judith - December 4, 2008

    I think you speak for many U1st Agents and probably for any individual in any business. You have found your power source for you to move forward. I enjoy your posts.
    Aloha, Judith

  2. Kevin Jackson - December 5, 2008

    Hi Jennifer Good info! I am signed up for Todd Avery’s webinar on Sat. glad to hear some positive feedback. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Free from Anxiety - December 15, 2008

    Excellent content here and a nice writing style too – keep up the great work!

  4. admin - December 15, 2008

    Thanks so much for your comments Judith, Kevin and ‘free from anxiety’. After looking at your website ‘free from anxiety’ I see you are on a path of upliftment also. Yay!

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