‘Financial GPS’ best describes Our Financial Navigation Solution

‘Financial GPS’ Best Describes Our Financial Navigation Solution

After entering your starting point into any Global Positioning Satellite System, it knows where you are at all times. After you enter your destination, it directs you, one step at a time, how to reach it.

If you make a wrong turn, if you decide to visit Aunt Jemima, if you stop off for lunch along the way, the GPS instantaneously recalculates your position and then redirects you so you get back on track till you reach your final destination.

What do you think it would be like having a Financial GPS System that worked exactly the same way? What if your final destination was set to zero debt and no matter what you did along the way it also instantaneously recalculated your financial position so you would stay on track to reach that final destination in the fastest time possible for you.

However, as well as recalculating, what if it showed you the consequences of your financial choices before performing them in real time, just like a regular GPS shows you your route ahead of time.

Wouldn’t this mean you could actually be educated about whether the decisions you are making with your money are directing you to end up closer to your goal or taking you further from it?

What if you had a dashboard that always showed you how many years/months you had left before all your financial obligations would be paid and how much interest you have left to pay as well?  And what if these numbers changed every time you spent money or saved money, just like a regular GPS system changes every time you make a turn and it shows you  how many miles you have left and how much time it is going to take you to reach your destination. I mean, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Wouldn’t that be like having a personal financial coach living with you and available to tell you the math behind your decisions any-time you need to know, day or night.

Not only that, what if it could tell you the best time to buy something, as well as the true cost of that item in relation to your entire financial circumstances?

How many times has your financial advisor, advised you that the true cost of buying any item, while you owe money, must include not just what you are being charged for the item but also the amount interest that you will have to pay by spending that money rather than applying it towards your debt.

So in actuality, depending on your personal circumstances, it is possible that each dollar you spend could really be equivalent to spending $20, $50 or $100.  So how much is that Starbucks really worth for you?

Does all this sound too way-out to be real? Well, it is a reality. There is such a financial GPS system available and it is coaching, and educating American and Canadian citizens to pay off all their debts, one step (transaction) at a time.

Right Now you can begin using this financial GPS solution by contacting me, Jennifer, on 845-649-7487.

No account numbers, credit checks, income verifications, social security numbers required, just the math of your debts and net income and that will be the starting point.

Our software and live help system will educate and coach you, using your own money, in your own home, how to payoff all your debts and become financially free.

If you need help, you can call, toll-free, with no-charge, the live coaches at our headquarters whose sole job is to answer questions and help clients use the software.

If you would like to see how fast and effectively our financial gps solution can pay off debt faster than any other method watch the two video’s here and then contact me or go straight to our free INSTANT SAVINGS QUOTE and see your results straight away. Your next step would be to follow step 3 and apply on-line for your Money Merge Account system which can be paid for in full or you can choose to sign up for our subscription payment method which you stop paying as soon as you are out of debt or when ever you decide you no longer need the software any more.

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    Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.

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