Who’s Who of Who gives excellent financial advice.

Who’s Who of Who gives excellent financial advice

****************************************************************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************************************************************** 12. G. Edward Griffin Here is an article written a few years ago by G. Edward Griffin, author of  The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve g-edward-logo ************************************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************************************* 11. Brian Topor

Broker Banker Magazine

Brian Topor is the  Executive Publisher of Broker Banker Magazine and in volume 108 Mr. Topor states that “As an experienced mortgage originator and Founder/Publisher of Broker Banker Magazine, I’ve come across every imaginable product designed to help mortgage originators generate more business. Some have been great, most have not. I have never personally and/or publicly endorsed any product. However, I’m endorsing this one. It’s the Real Deal.” Broker Banker Magazine ************************************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************************************* 10.  Andrew Waite

Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

Founder and Publisher of Personal Real Estate INVESTOR magazine, Andrew Waite.

Andrew Waite awarding the five Founders of United First Financial, the Personal Real Estate Investors Editors Choice Award

Andrew Waite awarding the five Founders of United First Financial, the Personal Real Estate Investors Editors Choice Award

************************************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************************************* 9. Patrick Allman President and Publisher of Mortgage Planner Magazine, Patrick Almman.

Mortgage Planner Magazine

Mortgage Planner Magazine

Mortgage Planner Magazine

Mortgage Planner Magazine

************************************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************************************* 8. Brian Bianca

True Wealth Special Edition

Editor of True Wealth Magazine, Brian Bianca, published an entire Special Edition specifically containing 48 pages of excellent financial  information. ************************************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************************************* 7. Ernst & Young Who are Ernst & Young? The 3rd largest accounting firm in the world. The firm that is in charge of counting the votes for American Idol, and Miss Universe.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2008

************************************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************************************* 6. T. Harv Ecker

T. Harv Eker - author, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

NY Times #1 Best Selling Author to speak to our Team. T Harv Ecker  says the number one reason why many agents do not achieve the success they desire (or think they desire) is because of their mind-set – their “Money Blueprint”. The subconscious mind is a very powerful thing, and if your subconscious mind-set is one of failure and defeat, you will indeed fail, no matter how hard you work.  On the other hand, if your subconscious mind-set (Money Blueprint) is one of great success, your efforts and energy will lead you to success. For the first time ever, Mr. T. Harv Ecker spoke to our team and shared (for FREE) many of the secrets of the Millionaire mind, and helped each and every one of you un-lock your “Money Blueprint” for Success. This is HUGE, and the number of people who attended this FREE Webinar was strictly limited to the first 1000 who registered. Thursday evening, February 5th @ 8pm (CST), the Futures by Design team (Alex, Keri, Chris, Carmen, and Lynn) proudly presented an evening with Mr. T Harv Ecker.

************************************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************************************* 5. Deborah K. Heisz success-home-magazine Editor in Chief of Success from Home magazine, Deborah K. Heisz. ************************************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************************************* 4. Darren Hardy Publisher of Success Magazine, Darren Hardy told his story of success and also gave a gem about Sam Walton, who during a past financial crisis in 1991, was asked what he thought about the re-session. Sam’s response was “Well I thought about it, and I decided not to join.” Walmart went on the quadruple it’s business over the next two years while other companies that were on equal par cut back, made sacrifices and those businesses have never recovered or caught up to where Walmart stands today. ************************************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************************************* 3. Mark Victor Hansen

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul series co-founder and co-author Mark Victor Hansen shared his vision of financial freedom for everyone in the Success from Home magazine. Mark Victor Hansen endorses a financial software  system as a way to help people become “debt free, stress free, and set free.” Mr. Hansen says ” I think this product is needed” He also states that “even with as much cash flow as I have, and I have much more than most, I still have debt.The software helps me see that, instead of paying 30 years on this piece of property, I’m on schedule to pay it off in 12.2 years and potentially save $639,000. I did not realize that until I used this financial software program.”

************************************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************************************* 2. Diggin4u March 24th 2008 Diggin4u researches topics and companies that are creating controversy on the internet. ************************************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************************************* 1. Jim Snyder and the NBC Saving You Money Team The NBC Saving You Money Team presents a 4 minute segment. This video is old and when it was produced, version 3 was available and so a HELOC was necessary for the client to use the system This is now obsolete because with the current version, 4.2, a client only needs a checking account, a savings account, and a minimum $300 limit on a credit card. Oh, and how does the Saving You Money Team know that this system works? Because 3 of the team members are using it, that is why. They are speaking from experience. ************************************************************************************************************************* *************************************************************************************************************************

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