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REGISTER BELOW. NO CHARGE. My goal is to empower you to take control of your finances by pulling back the curtain to reveal  behind the scenes of the financial industries secret place, where their strategies and tactics are hiding.My hope is that after this webinar you will never see your finances in the same way again. That you will understand, how right now, you are a loaner of your money but you will know how to be the owner of your money.

You will learn life changing information like the following.

1. Turn a payment liability, life insurance premium, into a wealth building asset.

2. Turn a depreciating asset, car, into an appreciating asset.

3. Have liquidity, access and control of your money.

4. Build a secure retirement without risk of loss.

5. Cancel debt interest while building a retirement.

6. Recapture principal and interest payments on loans.

7. Earn income that is never taxed.

8. Leave a legacy for your loved ones that is not taxable.

9. Multi-task your money instead of Uni-tasking.

10. Lawsuit, creditor and judgment protection for your money.


I have been studying money and banking since mid 2007 and the information I have learned is so valuable I am excited to share it with you all.

This information is not readily available in ordinary financial circles. It is unique and I believe it the solution to today’s national financial struggles.

After high school I worked in a bank for 5 years because I have always wanted to know the secrets banks use behind the scenes. I found though, these secrets are not revealed even to the bank managers, financial planners or accountants. In fact, very few people know what they are or how to implement them into their own lives. I have discovered and met a number of gentlemen who like me, knew there was a better way but unlike me, they went ahead and not just studied and practiced and learned these strategies for many years, they created systems that allow the every day, busy, not very mathematically minded person to be able to take advantage of doing what the banks do in their own lives.

This way is an alternative to the unpredictibility, insecurity and lack of guarantees that are the stock market. I look forward to sharing this information with you and hope you will join me on at least one Thursday night. Please invite others if you like what you hear. Remember this is a webinar so you watch on your computer screen as you listen. It is not just a phone call conference. _________________________________________________________________________

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