Taxable, Tax-deferred or Tax Free Money

How would you like your money, Taxable, Tax Deferred or Tax Free?

Over a twenty year period, do you know the accumulating affects of paying taxes on your wealth building ability?

Let’s say you have one dollar. And let’s say you are able to double that dollar every year for twenty years. Do you know how much you would have at the end of the twentieth year?

Answer: $1,048,576.

But that is only if you do not have to pay taxes on that money.

What if, with the exact same dollar and the exact same scenario you did have to pay say 17% taxes? How much would you have at the end of the twentieth year?

Answer: $177,428.

What tax bracket are you in? Maybe it is more like 27%. If so, you will only have $57,666 at the end of twenty years with that same one dollar being double but taxed at 27%.

Let’s compare same dollar doubled over twenty years:

Taxable at 27% = $57,666

Taxable at 17% = $177,428

Tax Free at 0% = $1,048,576.

This is the, unrealized by most everyone, effects of paying taxes when it comes to your wealth building opportunity. Now, you tell me, would saving your money for your future be best placed in any financial vehicle where your gains are taxed, where your principal and gains are tax deferred and where you will be taxed at, most likely, a higher tax bracket when you want to use your money or in a financial vehicle where you have complete liquidity, use and control of your money that has been and still is growing with tax free accessibility?

What if there was a way to grow your money Tax Free! How soon would you want to learn about it? Like NOW if you had any smarts about you right.

Well IRS tax code 7702 is something you should study or just call me and I can guide you in the right direction for setting yourself up for such tax advantaged growth of your money in a financial vehicle that offers you safety of your money, no loss of principal, with multiple other advantages as well. And it is legal.

Check out my offer to you today.

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