Pirates of Manhatten Author reveals Suze Orman


Author of Pirates of Manhattan, Barry James Dyke reveals his research on what Suze Orman’s employers actually do – Whole Life or Term. “This is an eye opening book. It has fascinating insight to the corrupt practices of certain financial institutions in America. Americans will be much better off when they read this book. It is an excellent source of information as to what is really going on in the financial world.” – Congressman Ron Paul

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Suzie Orman says she hates Whole Life Insurance and recommends to her listeners to buy Term and invest the difference.

Do Suzie Orman’s employers take her advice in regards to buying Term Life Insurance rather than the cash value whole life she hates so much? It seems Suzie Orman’s employers do not take her advice. Because they know better.

Suzie Orman has some employers that back her. One is TD AmeriTrade owned by Toronto Dominion Corp. She signed with them in Jan 2007. TD AmeriTrade also sponsors Jim Cramer’s Mad Money. TDC owns 100% of  TD Bank North, who own $845 million High Cash Value Life Insurance.  They (TD Bank North) also own the Boston Garden. They have more invested in life insurance than in the Boston Garden.

Suzies employer CNBC is owned by General Electric Corporation. Barry Dyke shows in the video above that he obtained their proxy statement filed with the FCC. It shows that:

GE’s CEO pays $122 thousand dollars annually of cash value whole life insurance premium.

The CFO pays a premium of $62,000 annually.

A Vice Chairman of GE pays premiums of $105 thousand annually.

Another vice chairman of GE pays $79,000 per year and

head of NBC universal pays a $506,000 annual premium into cash value whole life insurance. Read more in Barry Dyke’s book – see below.

Jay Leno Plugs Barry Dyke’s “Pirates of Manhattan”

This article has been removed. Gee, I wonder why? February 13, 2009 The Tonight Show host Jay Leno recently stated that author “Barry Dyke called it!”. Leno is referring to the fact that Barry Dyke predicted a major collapse of the U.S. financial system in June 2007 way before everyone else when “The Pirates of Manhattan” was first published….”

Interview with Barry Dyke on The Wealth Channel.


Very interesting and enlightening

Suzie Orman Interview-nytimes-com


 Suzie has only 4% of her wealth in the stock market. Only a small amount that she doesn’t care if she loses, according to interview.

“Do you play the stock market at all?”

“I have a million dollars in the stock market, because if I lose a million dollars, I don’t personally care.”

 Yet she advises the common folk to have 100% of their savings in investments rather than savings account. Govt. Qualified plans are actually investments not savings.

















hydeia I’m buried a other parts Manhattan today time limb my book but we’re going to this is your moment and houses yurman a.m. is kinda an attachment with which recommends the public with a regular employers do we’re going to be time for life insurance and the best way willing to go toward katz’s book today which is a the money Book for the young fabulous & broke and a leashes new book on money which is actually on bestseller and we have talked about lectures life insurers one of those with money reside in america and was he with Susie woman says about like Jersey your book okay pretty clear houses as well concerns she says in her book on aid as well I’m going to make Creek incredibly easy all you on his nose buy term life insurance images agent you bully with all this you just just stop and chopper Plano level term by Jones and before you do it why literature so much I can just like him used while I don’t like holy the cash value policies Susie woman says in her box writing service the a deniro or nopers Gail who is recommending all these things public so let’s be very clear this in a book and you can read this book don’t take my word for is an and she says that also in your glossary as well in if you look at his website sued on da comp its is this its -ism sousa’s I a whole life insurance I universal veritable universal life insurance he girl injured the only temple church there like the person journal-register my future this computer but susie losses this is day chris is he has employers which arose back one -ism TD Ameritrade which is she is sign drink she said is in January Akhter  the  TD Ameritrade which is owned by trying to Dominion corporation Anna said the buses norman is she’s much recognized expert on personal finances hormone is a two-time Emmy award-winning television host New York Times bestselling author and amazing online columnist and also to be merit raises also won the major sponsors and Jim Cramer’s Mad Money any that damn tedium  million who owns that TD Ameritrade actually on forty percent not all entirely on xanax into TD Banknorth which is one of the largest banks in the Northeast that’s a fact home but did team ERT rate recorded TV thing was the best their money and in terms there’s no there’s certainly no is American act if you look at the FDIC up this is a September th actually TD Banknorth his million dollars invested in high cash value life insurers so which is you one is saying for TV merit raises really biter Richard TD Banknorth is actually has him for that million in like as matter fact the man who was injured is whenever I have lectures which to you beckwith as is  million and M as actually excessive  million harnesses real estate near as you can for those you the northeast uses you know achieving going on Boston Garden so TD Banknorth has more money best implied ventures you do with the Boston Garden
lastly let’s get into her player which is CNBC which is a major electric corporation is the the executives who i’ve seen CNBC or Suman they do which is recommends that says much by life insurers well it just so happens i dooo the reason their proxy statement filed with the SEC on them on file and said deceives it so is employed to do with Susie recommends to buy term life insurance I see that jeffrey lol who is the chairman of the board and CEO john Lynch corporation spends who you is he spends a hun twenty-two thousand dollars your image grade he’s sharing who’s the CEO the chief financial guy about John lecture he spends some sixty-two thousand dollars your and literature you know sissy Michael Neal who the vice chairman of General Electric Corporation he spends mmm hmm five thousand dollars used in real life insurance  remiums and as you get my a gauge on she writes is the vice chairman of General Electric he spends seventy nine thousand dollars a year mom any term life insurance

okay here medium receive Robert C right he’s the vice chairman of General Electric in him NBC Universal mister Wright spent were all he spent  thousand dollars in WI life insurance premiums mmm doesn’t seem like Susie’s employers do the same thing that she recommends anyhow well have more the truth but the Pirates Manhattan dot com

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