The Free Lunch Myth – Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman Lecture Series.

There are many videos on YouTube that are worth watching.

Milton Friedman explodes the myth that government can provide goods and services at no one’s expense. The  form that this myth takes is very specific.

It has two parts.

One part is the belief that somehow you can tax business at no cost to individuals.

The second part is that you can create money at no cost to individuals.

ONLY PEOPLE CAN BE TAXED. A business must get the tax cost either from the stock holder, the customer or the worker.

Even the social security tax is paid by the employee. The half that is so called paid by the business is really just part of the employees wage that he never sees.

But it has to be calculated into the cost of that employee to the business and therefore the employee earns that much less in his wage.

Brookings institute ( A nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. whose mission is to conduct high-quality, independent research) ..has demonstrated empirically that the tax on the employer is really paid by the employee.

It cannot be any other way.

Learn more by listening to Milton here.

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Right now in 2010 47% of the population are receiving some or is partially or fully dependent upon some kind of government support.

What will happen when that percentage reaches 50% and above? Do you want to be and do you want your heirs, your grandchildren and great grandchildren and so on to be slaves to the government? If not, give me a call so I can show you the only way out…………….

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