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Ownership Economy Sustained Our Parents & Grandparents through Thick and Thin

Client Therapy: Once Upon A Time In Middle-Class America John E. Girouard 10.31.08, 7:30 PM ET The Great Bailout of 2008 and the death of Wall Street as we’ve come to think of it are the last shovels of dirt on the grave of the once-vaunted “New Economy.” After decades of financial hocus-pocus, inept regulation […]

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Forbes article on Mutual Whole Life Insurance – (Life Insurance for the Living)

Insurance A Financial Bunker For Scary Times John E. Girouard 02.10.09, 6:30 PM ET Suppose there was a financial instrument with a track record stretching back 1,400 years; that was so solid it could survive the Great Depression intact; that earned untaxed interest at a competitive rate; that could be borrowed against at will regardless […]

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The Birth of the Federal Reserve – by G. Edward Griffin

The Objectives of the Federal Reserve from The Creature of Jekyll Island. We have been led to believe that the Federal Reserve is failing in it’s objectives but the reality is it is succeeding magnificently. We just think their objectives are the same as ours, but they are not. See audio link below – 1910-1913 […]

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Bankers Math – Bank Like a Bank Instead of Like a Consumer

Is 4% really 4%? Not according to bankers math.

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