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Ron Paul to Audit ‘The Fed’

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IRC 529 vs IRC 7702 – Saving for College

First of all, what is a 529? (It is the Tax code governing college savings plans) The 529 college savings plan is a state sponsored, tax-advantaged tool that is offered so families can save specifically for qualified higher education expenses for their children. Personally, I do not like to call them ‘savings’ plans due to […]

December 23, 2010 · Jennifer · 6 Comments
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Choosing the Right Life Insurance Company for IBC (Infinite Banking Concept)

Choosing the Right Life Insurance Company for IBC (Infinite Banking Concept) How does one choose the right LIC to practice infinite Banking with? (See Agent Finder below as well) Thanks, GL Hi Gary, This is a very important question as a client must understand the differences between insurance companies before being able to make an […]

December 22, 2010 · Jennifer · 15 Comments
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It’s A Wonderful Life – What did George Bailey want to use as Collateral for a Bank Loan?

What happened when James Stewart (George Bailey) went to the bank to ask for a loan? He was first asked by the banker (Lionel Barrymore as Mr. Potter) , “What collateral do you have?” His Answer, Life Insurance Policy with Cash Value. Next question asked by Mr. Potter was, “”How much equity do you have […]

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You Are Invited to a Live Webinar Tuesday Dec 7th 8pm EST. Becoming Your Own Banker

Life Strategies Insurance ~ Introduction to the Infinite Banking Concept Starts: Tuesday December 07, 2010, 08:00PM EST Ends: Tuesday December 07, 2010, 09:00PM EST Event Type: Training/Seminar Location: Relax at home in front of your computer Price: Free Website: Industry: financial services Keywords: Infinite Banking, Infinite Banking Concept, Nelson, Nash, Life Strategies Insurance Group, […]

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Financial Navigation Solution – the Joy of Being in Debt – – – – – – – – – – – to Yourself.

Financial Navigation Solution uses a team of professionals to educate clients how to multi-task their money. We delve into a client’s personal financial circumstances and see which of our strategies and/or systems will make sure our client reaches their goals and beyond what they thought was possible for themselves. We design unique illustrations and provide […]

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