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Car Loan Comparison – Corner Bank or Your Banking System

The first consideration is the process to actually get the loan in the first place. BANK LOAN Purpose of Loan- Must be for a specific item like car, appliance, home, etc. Approval- Must be approved for the loan Credit Check- Approved credit history as well as reliable income source(s) Terms & Conditions- Interest Rate, Amortization […]

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30 Benefits of Owning a Personal Banking System 1. Flexible – Get multiple uses from each dollar! Typically, we allocate dollars into individual buckets that meet specific needs or wants. We have our savings bucket, our retirement bucket, our investment bucket and our insurance buckets. A dollar placed in any one of these buckets serves […]

February 25, 2011 · Jennifer · One Comment
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Un-intended Financial Consequences

1/3 of working population to pay for 2/3 of retired population – soon coming In 3000 days, about two-thirds of the now-working population will be 60 years old or older. This is a certainty! Unfortunately, this leaves one-third of the now-working population to pay for all the government social programs for a majority of retired […]

February 25, 2011 · Jennifer · One Comment
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The Resurgence of Whole Life Insurance

Click here to read the article originally published in the Wall Street Journal

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Estate Tax Exemption Is Portable (For Now)

Thanks for your comment Courtney. Much appreciated. Saw your articles in Google concerning Portability. Just wonder if you are aware of the fact that if one elects Portability I am told that they lose stepped-up valuation, cannot do an A/B split, and must file the dreaded IRS Form 706. On the other hand if they […]

February 19, 2011 · Jennifer · 3 Comments
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IRC 401(k) Hidden Fees Revealed – Life Insurance Instead

Two videos – The first reveals the hidden fees charged to your 401(k) and the second recommends retiring the 401(k) and using Life Insurance instead.     Click here to view part one of three  – Hidden Fees in 401(k) Plans   Click here to view part two of three – Hidden Fees in 401(k) […]

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Analyzing the Cost of Universal Life Insurance

I just noticed the formatting has disappeared on this blog post so click the following link to view a correct copy. IBC_Analyzing the cost of Universal Life Insurance   Analyzing the Cost of Universal Life Insurance Some may suggest that a person can use a universal life plan to run a personal banking system. There […]

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Tax-Free Life Insurance: An Untapped Investment for the Affluent

, Special Section: Wealth Tax-Free Life Insurance: An Untapped Investment for the Affluent By LYNNLEY BROWNING Published: February 9, 2011 IT’S viewed as an insider’s secret for the affluent: a legal way to invest in hedge funds and other potentially lucrative assets, all without paying taxes on the gains.   Special Section: Wealth

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How Banks Profit From Your Deposits

Below is an Example of Velocity at work for a bank. What do you care about a banks velocity? This portrays what they do with your money and why the financial system is set up to prevent you from doing this for yourself.

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The Arrival Syndrome – What is it and do you have it?

  Page 34 of Becoming Your Own Banker is dedicated to The Arrival Syndrome. The definition according to Nelson Nash is – “When this thing infects us, we stop growing, stop learning. We ROT!. We turn off or tune out our ability to receive inspiration – because we already know all there is to know!“

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