4 Things That Make You Poor – and A Solution.

Video Interview for TIME MAGAZINE with Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Robert – “I don’t need a retirement plan because all of my assets produce income.”

Time Magazine Interviewer – “Are there some people who should play it safe, do the traditional route and just pick up a house, pay the mortgage?”

Robert – “That’s probably the most dangerous thing you can do.”

The middle class, which is disappearing, are the ones who are paying the taxes.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Poor Dad’s attitude was, “I have a PhD, the government will take care of me, save your money….. But as you are saving your money the Federal Reserve is printing trillions of dollars. How stupid can you be? Invest your money for the long term in a well diversified portfolio of mutual funds. Send it straight to Wall Street so that they can pay their brokers 10 million dollar a year bonuses. How stupid does a person have to be? – wake up.

Time Magazine Interviewer – Do they teach that in college level economics classes or not?

Robert – Hell no. Absolutely not. Read Conspiracy of the Rich and understand.

Why don’t we have financial education in our schools? In 1903 John D. Rockefeller took over the financial education system by creating the general education board and since then the rich have controlled what is taught in schools. This is true for the health care system as well. How come the tax laws are different for different people? Because the rich make the rules.

There are 4 things that make 90% of the people poor:

1. Taxes (Different laws for different classes of people)

2. Debt (Education, mortgage, credit card)

3. Inflation (is a tax increase not a value of goods increase)

4. Retirement plans (401(k)s IRAs SEPs etc.) (“I would blow up the system and restart with something totally different.” – Ted Benna, “father” of the 401(k), as told to MarketWatch.com)


1. Your Personal Banking System helps reduce taxes because the dividends are earned tax free and the interest is earned tax-deferred but if accessed correctly can be used tax free also.

2. By owning your own debt, in your own banking system, you earn the interest that is otherwise leaving your circle of wealth. And you are also reusing the recaptured principal dollars as well.

3. The guaranteed growth in a personal banking system helps offset the increasing taxes called inflation.

4. You have access to tax free retirement money instead of tax deferred retirement money. Tax deferred means pay later at an ‘as-yet’ undetermined amount. Later means in the future. Have taxes ever decreased over time?

I structure personalized banking systems for business owners, individuals and not-for-profits. Paying into a 401(k) will help make you poor. Stop it. Start ‘Becoming Your Own Banker’.

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 Another interview –

Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” recommends investing in real estate and commodities, but he tells Dan Mangru of Newsmax TV that silver is now his top investment.

“If you’re afraid of inflation, which you should be, I would think silver is the No. 1 investment today.”

Kiyosaki also tells Mangru why he likes real estate, “I like real estate for one reason: debt.”

Investors get no leverage buying stocks, but they do when buying real estate, Kiyosaki points out.

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To be sure, “If you’re going to play the game of debt, boy you’ve got to be a lot smarter than the average bear out there,” he says.

“So real estate is a good investment if you have financial training, financial education, and you have somebody guiding you who has some experience with the whole thing.”

Kiyosaki recommends commodities to guard against inflation.

“To protect against inflation, do what the Chinese are doing,” he says. “The Chinese are buying commodities: copper, oil, gold, silver, land.”

For those who are poor, Kiyosaki has this advice: “Change what you think. . . If you’re expecting the economy to come back, I think you’re in a dream land.”

Some people believe in the following myth, he says: “This idea that the U.S. is the greatest country on earth, and Obama is here to save you, and the government is going to take care of you. That’s called socialism.”

“And I think you really better start changing your thinking, because they’re not going to save you. They’re going to save themselves.”

Investors must be self-reliant, Kiyosaki says.

“I got financially educated when I was a kid. I don’t expect anybody to take care of me. I don’t turn any money over to a 401(k). I don’t trust mutual funds. I don’t trust banks. I trust myself.”

The solution is to “get educated and get smart with my money,” he says. “We’ve been trained like Pavlovian dogs to turn our money over to Wall Street.”

Four factors keep the middle class poor, Kiyosaki says:

• Taxes

• Debt

• Inflation

• Your retirement plan

“If you’re going to be financially intelligent,” you have to know how to use all four of those factors “to make you rich,” he says

To become rich, especially in the wake of financial crisis, “you’ll have to stop thinking the way you think and start thinking differently and start doing things differently.”

He says that as long as we have a middle class, we’ll be an advanced nation.

But, “the problem with the middle class is that they’re not moving from middle class to rich. The middle class is now moving from middle class to poor.”

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I’m here today with Robert Kiyosaki, he is the best-selling author rich Dad Poor Dad which has been translated into more than 50 languages and is the number one personal finance book in the history of the world.

Thank you for joining us today. right thank you.

This question comes just for major gift from Grayslake Illinois if you did not have the rich that your life what would you be doing today?

It’s hard to say over that have my bitch dead because some as a young kid starting a poly about the age of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. I really wanted to be rich so I think number one as desire you know and then you naturally seek your role models and teachers and in my lifetime I’ve had multiple rich dad’s know my bridge that was my best friend’s father son aged nine and then today I still see mentors and Wiseman and wise women because that’s how you get wiser is by hanging out with smart people.

This one comes to us from Lagos Nigeria what made you write conspiracy of the rich? goes back to why don’t we have financial education schools me good question right that and how come the tax laws are different for different people those four things that make the most ninety percent the people poor number one is taxes to his death chamber college loans house loans car payments credit card 3s inflation everything goes up because taxes go up it’s not because things are more expensive taxes 5:02 p.m. attacks that the pastor of and the fourth thing that makes people poor into retirement plan that for 1k hire our other Sep I don’t need a  retirement plan because all of my assets producing Cup some act like I have 1400 apartments every month gonna check white wine in a retirement plan you know I have 8 oil wells every month I cannot check are there some people who should play it safe and do that do the traditional route and just pick up a house pay the mortgage that’s part of the most dangerous thing you can do today what’s happening in in the in the Western world America we’re going to become a third world nation rich and poor that’s it the middle class is being wiped out so the people in the middle who ever’s left in there will be the ones paying the taxes the tet pamphlet guitar in the middle classes a-1 other Pak Mail is any way government can help this or I didn’t really it’s a really based on the individual to come up yet to decide which side of the fence you are on, rich or poor, make up your mind and I make up my I made up my mind its rich Dad Poor Dad I was into my own man PhD you know that the the government will take care of me

save your money and as you’re saving your money the federal reserve is printing trillions of dollars I mean how stupid can you be an investment of a long-term a well-diversified portfolio mutual fund Centre Street to Wall Street so that so that they can pay their brokers ten million dollars here bonuses I mean how stupid does a person have to be a mi wake up Datt that in in college level economics for nowhell no you can email absolutely not by design three conspiracy the rich 1903 John D rockefeller took over the financial education system by cream the General Education Board and since then the rich have control what is taught in schools this question comes to us from from Tokyo a JCN ass you always say the airport at forbade everyone to talk about money at the dinner table did you ever ask him why and I your dinner table now are people allowed to talk about money that’s all I thought about was what money tom is something money

does not affect does money affect education absolutely if you have money go to the best schools look at George Bush and I this one comes from Laredo Texas from Stephen San Ramon when you in your way for a living out of your car how did you remain so confident that you will be able to accumulate enough wealth to not only retire rich but young as well what confidence comes from

just a plan and training I think one of the best things that happen for males I was I kept flock outta school and I realize it was in school that was a problem was like a decibel and so that’s one of the reasons that I went to military school the military trains you that this force tracks this mental strength emotional strain physical strength and spiritual strength so that’s what kinda kept me going is there time to bail out on a project though I me know and I’ll that’s not in my  vocabulary nap look I have a I have an unfair advantage you know I went to war a war I’m alive because other guys died for me when you say stuff like that you know how can I quit most guys I just webs policies comments and I’ll so they should stay should get a job Mohammad Zafar Abbas is it possible for a person with no money and few resources to still make a fortune how get off your butt F two Get Smart you have to look for teachers I’m as pretty obvious successor you know you wanna be a mechanic you go hang out with mechanics you know you wanna be a school teacher helped schoolteachers right back it’s really simple man and takes determination to supplant drive correction can’t quit

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