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Estate Planning – 2011 and 2012 Present Window of Opportunity

Estate Planning – 2011 and 2012 Present Window of Opportunity Estate Planning – 2011 and 2012 Present Window of Opportunity Forefield Inc. does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. All content provided by Forefield is protected by copyright. Forefield is not responsible for any modifications made to its materials, or for the accuracy of […]

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113 Bank Fees/Charges

Here is a list 113 reasons why you would want to thoroughly investigate Becoming Your Own Banker. Why subject yourself to this list of mostly unwarranted charges. Now I am not suggesting that by Becoming Your Own Banker you will never have to use a regular corner bank again, because you will have to. However, you will definitely be less and less, at their mercy, the longer you own and operate your own private banking system.

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Where Can You Earn a 30% Guaranteed Return?

  First of all, who do you know that earns between a 15% and a 40% return? Most people respond with – I don’t know.

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Facing Foreclosure? – This Could Help! – You have till end of December 2012 to apply for free foreclosure review. Even if your home has been through the process already, apply before end of December 2012 as you may have recourse. by Sherrie Questioning All Here’s a letter my attorney gave which is what you use to derail […]

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Insiders Look at the 401(k) Tax Saving Strategy

Funny how 401k’s are called ‘savings’ plans when in fact they are ‘investment’ plans. Savings are meant to be ‘safe’ and investments come with a degree of, high, medium or low, ‘risk of loss’. How Much Tax Have You Really Saved When You Withdraw Your Retirement Income From Your 401(k) 30 years later? Step 1. […]

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