113 Bank Fees/Charges

Here is a list of 113 reasons why you would want to thoroughly investigate Becoming Your Own Banker.

Why subject yourself to this list of mostly unwarranted charges?

Now I am not suggesting that by Becoming Your Own Banker you will never have to use a regular corner bank again, because you will have to. However, you will definitely be less and less, at their mercy, the longer you own and operate your own private reserve banking system.

  1. Administration fees.
  2. Annual fee for Ultimate Rewards card
  3. Application fees.
  4. ATM – Balance enquiry at home bank fee.
  5. ATM – Balance enquiry for non-home ATM fee
  6. ATM – going over transaction limit fee.
  7. ATM – mini-statement at home bank fee.
  8. ATM – stop fee.
  9. ATM – transaction denied for insufficient funds fee.
  10. ATM – use of other bank ATM fee.
  11. ATM – your bank fee for using another banks ATM.
  12. Balance transfer fee.
  13. Bill Pay fee.
  14. Bond Collection/Redemption fees. Also referred to as an “exit fee”, “back-end load” or “contingent deferred sales charge”.
  15. Card replacement fee if lost or stolen.
  16. Charge-off processing fee.
  17. Cash a cheque if not account holder fee.
  18. Cash Back with Debit Card Purchase fee.
  19. Cashiers cheque fee.
  20. Cheque book purchase charge.
  21. Cheque book reconciliation fee.
  22. Cheque retrieval fee.
  23. Cheque safekeeping or cheque retention fee.
  24. Christmas money envelopes.
  25. Copy of cheque or deposit slip fee.
  26. Counter Cheque –  A bank check for the use of customers making a withdrawal.
  27. Creation of Qualified account.
  28. Credit card over Limit fee.
  29. Credit card late payment fee.
  30. Credit card ‘cash advance’ fee.
  31. Credit card inactivity fee.
  32. Credit Card Interest
  33. Currency conversion fee.
  34. Customer Mandates – Charge for certifying or verifying
  35. Daily overdraft charge on negative balance.
  36. Debit card monthly fee.
  37. Debit card outside U.S. fee – 3%.
  38. Debit card re-encode fee.
  39. Dispute handling fee.
  40. Dormant account fee.
  41. Duplicate statement.
  42. Early account closing – within set time fee.
  43. Early withdrawal of money in CD.
  44. Enrollment fees.
  45. Entry fee – purchase price and brokers fee.
  46. EPT (IRS quarterly payment) fee.
  47. Exchange rate adjustment fee.
  48. Exchange rate fee.
  49. Exit fee-  sell out of investment
  50. Expedited on-line bill pay fee.
  51. Fee for using savings account for overdraft protection.
  52. Forced Entry to Safe Deposit Box or Lost Keys fee.
  53. Foreign purchases fee. Issuing bank.
  54. Foreign purchases fee. Your bank.
  55. Garnishments fees.
  56. Gift Card fee.
  57. Image of cancelled cheque fee.
  58. Insufficient funds fee.
  59. Interchange fee. – a fee paid between banks for the acceptance of a card based transaction.
  60. Interest on loans.
  61. International item deposited fee.
  62. International money order fee.
  63. International money transfer fee.
  64. Investment account advisory fees.
  65. Investment account monitoring fees.
  66. Line of credit annual fees – personal, business or HELOC.
  67. Letters of Credit -Export
  68. L/C – Clearing a discrepancy – advising bank and issuing bank both charge.
  69. L/C fee compensates the advising bank for authenticating the L/C.
  70. L/C Fee to compensate for examining the documents comparing the terms and conditions
  71. L/C – Logging into the bank’s liability system fee.
  72. L/C Sending to the beneficiary fee.
  73. Levy fees.
  74. Loan late payment fees.
  75. Loan origination fees.
  76. Lock Box Service fee.
  77. Medallion signature guarantee is for transferring or selling securities.
  78. Microfilm copy fee.
  79. Minimum balance fee.
  80. Money Orders fee.
  81. Monthly maintenance fee if no direct deposit.
  82. Mutual Fund Investment fees.
  83. Night Deposit Bags fee.
  84. Night Depository Key fee.
  85. Non-customer coin machine fee.
  86. Non-Refundable merchant fees when you return an item you paid for.
  87. Notary Public fee.
  88. Over # transactions allowed per month in savings account.
  89. Over # of transfers allowed  between accounts.
  90. Overdraft fee – Extended
  91. Overdraft fee for item paid.
  92. Overdraft fee for item returned unpaid.
  93. Overdraft protection transfer fee.
  94. Per item fee – over # of cheques deposited with single deposit slip.
  95. Point-of-sale fees. (Fee for using your PIN rather than signing)
  96. Pre-authorized sweep – transfer to cover O/D from one account to another.
  97. Prepayment of principal on loan.
  98. Replacement cards.
  99. Regular zipped deposit bags fee.
  100. Retrieving an old cheque fee.
  101. Return cancelled cheques with statements fee.
  102. Returned cheque you deposited fee.
  103. Safe Deposit Box fee.
  104. Stop payment fee.
  105. Subpoena / Production of documents.
  106. Swipe fee – charged by bank to retailers every time customer uses their electronic system.
  107. Telephone banking fees.
  108. Telephone transfer request.
  109. Teller fees – Use teller if account opened on-line.
  110. Traveller’s cheque fees.
  111. Uncollected funds.
  112. Wire transfers – domestic.
  113. Wire transfers – foreign.

I betcha there are at least 113 more I could find, if I bothered to keep checking.

Here is a Service Fee List from one bank.

More new fees banks may begin charging from CNNMoney.com

Today as much as 50% of a bank’s revenue comes from fees. Up from 18% just a few years ago.

Owning your own private reserve banking system is such a wonderful feeling. It is really, really worth it to spend time discovering the advantages.

Call me today so we can have a chat about all the benefits.

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Below is something interesting. In Australia there are two charges every time you take your money out of your account. One is called a ‘Fed Bank Account debit tax’ the other Vic FID Charge. So one is federal and one state. They force you to use their bank and then they charge you to use your money.

Another Bank of Melbourne debit tax example

More fees created by Dodd Frankinstein Law.




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