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The IBC Solution

By L. Carlos Lara
Life, as we all know, is difficult. Each twenty-four hours of every day is filled with uncertainty and a host of stress filled problems of one kind or another. In fact, the demand for stress relief from life’s problems is so large that it has spawned a multitude of billion dollar industries. The books, articles, and studies that have been written on the subject of human anxiety are innumerable going as far as categorizing and ranking our fears from the least to the greatest. Not surprisingly, what we find when we read these reports is that the greatest fears center mostly on money issues. Even above the fear of death is the fear of being without money or the lack of financial security.  Ask the average American to list his greatest fear and almost one hundred percent of the time the fear of impoverishment tops the list.
These facts present a unique situation for financial professsionals.  Read more …..

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