Cash Value Life Insurance Helps Tide Over Left-Handed Pitcher, and Wiffle Ball Creator, David N. Mullany, in 1953

Twenty years after being saved from unemployment by his reputation as a solid left-handed pitcher, David N. Mullany was once again out of work. Except now, it was 1953 and he had a family to feed–a family that saw him leave the house in the morning and come back in the evening and thought he still had a job. What he was actually doing was looking for one and bringing home the money from his cashed-in life insurance policy. After every fruitless day, he would return to the same scene: his son playing baseball with his buddies in the back yard. Their only care in the world was figuring out how to throw a curve ball.

My two cents – I was saddened when I saw the words cashed-in life insurance, when I know that he could have borrowed from his cash value and paid it back after he earned enough to. That way he would have kept his life insurance policy and the cash value that may have come in handy at a later date. His family would have kept the protection of the death benefit also.

He could throw a lazy curve,” said his son David A., now 70 years old. “And I could never do it.” Right about then, Mullany’s life took a crazier turn than any Wiffle Ball. The kids were playing with plastic golf balls that, try as they might, they could not spin. So the two Davids, father and son, began experimenting. They wanted to create a ball that would do the work for them. Mullany came across half-spheres of plastic that a perfume company was using in promotional packets and thought they might hold the solution. Over the course of a week, they cut all sorts of patterns into them before finally settling on the now familiar one. “It was good enough to keep the rotten crew that I hung out with busy,” said David A., who soon began working in his father’s factory taping the wooden bat handles. (Wiffle Ball made skinny wooden bats until 1972 before switching exclusively to plastic.)

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