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Protected: Other Insurance Company Tidbits

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Unique, Exclusive to Life Strategies Group Agents, Upcoming Trainings.

For Life Insurance Agents Who Love Infinite Banking. If you are considering which agency to join as a life agent that offers your clients the best possible policies and scenarios for their infinite banking systems? Look no further. 1/ Life Strategies Group will be holding exclusive trainings that focus on how to use a variety […]

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2011 IRS Mileage Rates Changed for July 1, 2011

  2011 IRS Mileage Rates Changed for July 1, 2011 The IRS standard mileage rate for the final six months of 2011 was increased as a result of the recent increase in gasoline prices. The IRS usually only adjusts this rate annually in the fall. The standard mileage rate was increased by 4.5 cents for […]

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Cost of Refinancing

Does Refinancing to a Lower Interest Rate, Lower Your Debt and Save You Money? We are taught to focus all our attention on interest rates but by only looking at interest rates, we miss the fact that refinancing often increases our debt load, not decreases it, like many believe. Let’s first look at the cost […]

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Visual Economics – A Lifetime of Debt: The Average American’s Financial Journey

Click twice to Enlarge If you own the debt, how would this game of debt make you feel? A little different, right. We are educated to look at debt through the eyes of the borrower. Debt makes the owner wealthy as it is an asset to them. They are earning the interest and control […]

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