Unique, Exclusive to Life Strategies Group Agents, Upcoming Trainings.

For Life Insurance Agents Who Love Infinite Banking.

If you are considering which agency to join as a life agent that offers your clients the best possible policies and scenarios for their infinite banking systems? Look no further.

1/ Life Strategies Group will be holding exclusive trainings that focus on how to use a variety of financial calculators that demonstrate the many and varied financial strategies our clients can implement with their banking systems.

This will be focusing on using the calculators with the IBC concept only. This is set for August, in Utah. Let me know if you are interested in joining our team so you can participate.

2/ Also, we will be holding (for the first time) a series of exclusive and unique on-line trainings with Nelson Nash, author of Becoming Your Own Banker,  as the educator. Stay tuned for further details.

If you are on the fence about whether to jump in to being an agent in general or an agent with us, Life Strategies Insurance Group, now is the time to decide so you can participate.

Contact me today so we can begin the process. Jennifer Hansen 845-649-7487 – Jennifer@DebtDiagnosis.com

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