Who is YOUR money working hardest for TODAY? How much of your money is in JAIL?

Who is profiting most from your jailed money today, while you wait for your future?


Who is profiting most from your jailed money while you wait for your future?

Inter­est is always work­ing.

It is either work­ing for you or against you. You are either earn­ing inter­est, pay­ing inter­est or los­ing the oppor­tu­nity to earn inter­est. There are no other scenarios.

Money has to move to earn.

Stag­nant money is money in jail. But for whom is it in jail?

Some exam­ples of stag­nant money are Qual­i­fied & Non-Qualified Plans and CD’s.

Some exam­ples of cash flow­ing and con­stantly mov­ing are Qual­i­fied & Non-Qualified Plans and CD’s.

What am I talk­ing about? I am talk­ing about the dif­fer­ence between who­ever has con­trol of the money makes ALL the difference.

If you are deposit­ing your money into a Qual­i­fied, Non-Qualified Plan or a CD, aren’t there restric­tions and penal­ties if you touch YOUR money at any point before the term is up? Who set the term? The one who is in con­trol of your money.

Why are you dis­cour­aged with restric­tions and penal­ties, from using and mov­ing your money? Is it to pro­tect you, so you don’t spend it all before your retire­ment, or before the set term? Of course not. It is so they (the ones in con­trol of your money) can keep your money mov­ing for them­selves.

It is not the owner of the money but the one who has con­trol of mov­ing the money who is mak­ing all the profits.

We are taught to store our money for the future, and not use it for all that time, so it can grow. Ha Ha Ha. Why is that? The Private Reserve Strategy as discussed in Nelson Nash’s book Becoming Your Own Banker puts YOU in CONTROL of YOUR money, throughout your entire lifetime.

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