2009 NYS Tax Increases.

How many times can we be taxed on the same dollar and how long are we going to put up with this highway robbery?

This information is taken from a report given at the New York State Senate Republican Conference. Source:SFY 2009-10 Enacted Budget; Analysis of Senate and Assembly Democrat Budget Resolutions; and A Better Choice Budget Campaign – Revenue Raising Options.

LIST of TAX INCREASES is Below. It totals $18.7 billion dollars of increases.

Who do you think ends up paying all that?

If they tax big business, do you think Big Business is going to pass that extra cost to them on to their customers? Of Course.

And remember, if you are a W2 worker, you pay all these taxes with your AFTER tax income.

These are just the newly proposed/enacted taxes for New York State for one year. So many want the government to pay for everything but, who is really paying? Just because something is given any one of the following names or any other name for example, does not mean that it is not an outright TAX:


















remove cap,

postpone reduction,

postone elimination,

eliminate rebate,

limit deductions,

repeal tax credits.

deferred tax

Look below at all the new ways foods and vehicles are being taxed. Who knows what other taxes are already in place! Please think about WHO ENDS UP PAYING ALL OF THE TAX INCREASES listed below?

The following 125 Taxes are just one states enacted/proposed changes to increase their tax laws in one year, 2009.

I have categorized similar taxes into like categories as the original document had them spread out so it was less recognizable just how many taxes were being charged for the same thing.

The actual Tax # has been left as if in the original order it was presented.

Taxes with a ‘P’ were PROPOSED in 2009 for 2010 so If They Have Not Yet Been Enacted, Then I Am CERTAIN They WILL Be In The Future.


Tax 1.   Personal Income Tax. A W2 wage earner is taxed before they even see their pay check, then on top of all that, every after-tax dollar that they spend is taxed again, multiple times.

Tax 2.   Eliminate STAR Property Tax Rebate Cheques. It was a battle to get this in the first place.

Tax 25.  Increase Real Property Transfer Fee. Real Property includes all lands, buildings, fixtures, improvements, improvements on leased land and cabin trailers and mobile homes not registered for highway use but utilized like a building.  Real property also includes mines, minerals, quarries, mineral springs and wells, oil and gas wells, overriding royalty interests, and production payments with respect to oil or gas leases.  Lastly all real property includes all privileges pertaining to the real property. Do you think taxing any of these Real Property assets might affect you? If it is going to cost more for the oil and gas companies to produce their oil and gas, who do they pass those extra taxes onto? YOU.

Tax 44.  Establish Tax Preparer Fee. Wonderful. Not only are we robbed in the form of taxes, but the tax laws are made so complicated (so they can be easily miscontrived) but we now have to pay a tax for having to use someone else to do our taxes for us. And if they happen to make a mistake, we are still the one’s taking all the risk because we are held responsible even though we went to the tax preparer because we don’t know or understand all the complex taxation laws.

Tax 11.  Limit Itemized Deductions for High Income Earners. Because the dollar is worth less, we have to earn more dollars to try to be able to stay at the same quality of life, but, by having to earn more dollars, even though they are worth less, we are in a higher tax bracket and so more people are going to be in the High Income Earners tax bracket, even though they are not really earning any more. The number of pieces of paper with $1 written on it may be more but we are really earning less because each dollar buys less and the government takes more because we earned more pieces of paper, and so more people are considered High Income Earners and so will be taxed in a higher bracket, even though they are worse off than before.

P Tax 95.  Add New $1M bracket to the Personal Income tax. Same holds true for this new Tax Bracket. Because the dollar is worth less, we have to earn more dollars to try to be able to stay at the same quality of life, but, by having to earn more dollars, because they are worth less, we are in a higher tax bracket and so more people are going to be in the new $1M personal income tax bracket, even though they are not really earning any more. The number of pieces of paper with $1 written on it may be more but they are really earning less because each dollar buys less and the government takes more because we earned  more pieces of paper, and so are in a higher tax bracket but our lifestyle has been reduced.



Tax 3.   MTA Region Payout tax. MTA Long Island Rail Road and MTA Metro-North.

Tax 8.    MTA Registration Surcharge.

Tax 16.  MTA Taxi-cab Surcharge of 50 cents.

Tax 21.  MTA Auto Rental 5% Surcharge. I experienced this just last week, while I was having the brakes fixed on my car.

Tax 26.  MTA License and Learners Permit Surcharge.

Tax 43.  Taxi and Bus Registration Fee Increases – 1 year. How many times can we be taxed? That is the game those in charge of the government are playing. When are we going to have had enough and stop this ludicrous stealing of our wealth?


Tax 17. Increase Surcharge on Auto Insurance.

Tax 18.  Passenger Vehicle Registration Fee Increases – average 2 years.

Tax 20.  Driver License Renewal Increase of 25% (8 years). It will be less noticeable by increasing it over a period of time rather than all at once.

Tax 23.  Impose Sales Tax on Transportation-Related Activities. I suppose that means any motorized toy one has the pleasure of using in their spare time like four-wheelers, jet-skis, boating etc.

Tax 30.  Increase Scofflaw Termination Fee. The scofflaw termination fee is the fee required to end a suspension resulting from a failure to answer a ticket or pay a fine.

Tax 47.  Motor Vehicle Re-Registration Fee Increases.

Tax 48.  Increase Driver’s License Suspension Termination Fee.

Tax 67.  Increase Driver’s License Reinstatement Fee.

Tax 31.  Photo Document Motor Vehicle License Fee Increase.

Tax 34.  Remove Cap on Dept of Motor Vehicle Surcharges.

Tax 90.  Postpone scheduled reduction of DMV search fee from 2010 to 2015.

Tax 91.  Postpone scheduled reduction of DMV Application and Registration fees for dealer or transporter from 2010 to 2016.

Tax 92.  Postpone the elimination of the DMV Photo Image fee from 2010 to 2015.

Tax 93.  Increase in License Plate Re-issuance Fee.

Tax 35.  Auto Rental Tax. We felt this recently when we rented a car while our cars brakes were being re-done.

Tax 36.  Trailer Registration Fee Increases. My husband uses a trailer for his remodeling business. Do they mean the semi trailers?

Tax 42.  Highway Use Tax Fee Increase. Who drives on a highway? We do. The trucks delivering all the foods and goods to the different locations for us to purchase do. Do you think the price of these goods will increase because the cost of delivery will go up? Who pays in the end? We do.

Tax 46.  Tax In-state Use of Out-of-State Vehicles.

Tax 51.  Custom Vehicle Registration Fee Increase – 2 year If you have enough money to customize your vehicle, you have enough money to share it with Uncle Sam, right!!!

Tax 70.  Fee for Motor Vehicle – MV-278 Certificate (Pre-licensing Course).

Tax 58.  Motorboat Registration Fee Increases – 3 years. OK, so now there is a Sales Tax on Transportation-Related Activities, the Boat Registration Fee itself and the Trailer carrying the boat. Also, the use of the road to get the boat the water, anything else? Don’t forget the fish you catch must be taxed as well, because you need a license to be able to fish. Don’t forget also the tax you already paid for the purchase of the boat and the fishing gear and fuel to drive the boat and all that is after you paid your income tax. How much tax does one pay for a relaxing day of fishing? The best answer is TOO much. Now add camping and the increase in Park Fees and you might as well just hand over your wallet.

Tax 79.  All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Registration Fee Increase.

Tax 81.  Motorcycle Registration Fee Increases.


Tax 24.  Commercial Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Increase per 500 lbs. I suppose my husband’s business utility truck falls into this category or the trucks that carry our foods and goods are included in this.

Tax 74.  Heavy Vehicle Registration Fee Increases – percent of registration Fee.

Tax 82.  In-transit Permits Registration Fee Increases.


Tax 4.   18-A Utility Tax Increase.

Tax 5.   NY Power Authority Sweep (Enacted in DRP).

P Tax 108.  Sales Tax on ESCOs (Energy Service Company) Electric distribution costs.


Tax 6.   Tax on Family and Individual Health Insurance Policies (Enacted in DRP). Hmm. I wonder why they (the government) are going to force every person to be health insured in a system that only produces sickness. Do you really think it is because they want to look after everyone’s health? Of course not, it is so we can all be taxed more.

Tax 9.    Shift Healthy New York Direct Pay Stop Loss to Insurance Assessment (Enacted in (DRP).

Tax 10. Hospital Assessment Tax.

Tax 12.  Hospital Surcharge Tax. The hospitals don’t pay for this, we end up paying for this. If you think your health insurance pays for it, then who pays for the health insurance? It comes out of your pocket in the form of less wages.

P Tax 103.  Increase Hospital Assessment.

Tax 13.  Health Insurance Tax.

Tax 27.  Home Care Assessment (Tax).

P Tax 120.  Increase Assessment on Home Care Services

P Tax 110.  Increase Nursing Home Assessment. (Tax)

Tax 41.  Non-Resident Covered Lives Health Insurance Assessment (Tax)

P Tax 106.  Expand HCRA Surcharge to Physician Services (9.63%).

P Tax 118.  Early Intervention Parental Fees.


Tax 7.   State and City University Tuition Tax.

Tax 73.  Establish Security Guard Training School Fee.

Tax 84.  Establish Security Guard Instructor Fee.

Tax 76.  Expanded Local Centralized Written Exam Fees.

Tax 80.  Open Competitive Exam Fee Schedule.

Tax 85.  Increase Education Camp Fee.


Tax 28.  Non-Resident Sports Hunting & Fishing License Fees.

Tax 87.  Resident Sports Hunting & Fishing license fees increase.

Tax 39.  Establish New Marine Fishing License.

Tax 56.  Increase Lifetime Sportsman Hunting & Fishing License fees. How many different names can one give the same sportsman’s tax?

Tax 60.   Establish New Wetlands Permit Fees.

Tax 61.   Parks Camping Fee Increases. Gosh, if you want to take your boat with you and do some fishing while camping, how much more tax will that be? If you brought any food with you, you must add the tax cost of that also. If you want to stay in a cabin, there is Tax # 66 to consider also now.

Tax 66.  Parks Cabin Fee Increases.

Tax 72.  Parks Marina Fee Increases.

Tax 71.  Parks Empire Passports Fee Increases.

Tax 77.  Parks Permit Fee Increases.

Tax 52.  Parks Golf Fee Increases. Can’t have fun without paying the government for the privilege.

P Tax 117.  Increase Tax on Internet Booked Hotel Rooms (“Expedia Tax”).


Watch this to understand tax on business.

Tax 15.  Tax Increase on businesses in Empire Zone.

Tax 19.  Impose Fee on Non-LLC Partnerships.

P Tax 105.  Increase Filing Fees for Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs).

Tax 33.  Expand Vendor Definition of Internet Dot-Com’s.

Tax 55.  Repeal Underutilized Tax Credits for Businesses.

Tax 88.  Income Tax Definition of New York Presence.

Tax 89.  Gains Tax on Nonresident Partners.

Tax 57.  Mine Reclamation Fee.

P Tax 97.  Increase Business Taxes by Eliminating the Empire Zone Program.

P Tax 113.  Reduction in Timothy’s Law Small Business Subsidy.

P Tax 114.  Repeal Sales Tax Exemption for Promotional Material.

P Tax 125.  Repeal Income Tax Itemized Exemption for Sales Taxes Paid.

P Tax 121.  Treat S-Corp Gains and Installment Income as Taxable to Non Residents

P Tax 122.  Treat Compensation for Past Employment Services as Taxable for Non-Residents.


Tax 68.  Increase Retail Food Store Licensing Fees. Another food price increase due to taxes.

Tax 78.  Increase Food Warehouse Licensing Fees. Another tax related to increasing the price we pay for our food.

Tax 83.  Increase Feed Tonnage Fees. Another tax related to food. Costs increase to feed the animals that become food or that produce food, like milk for all the dairy products.

Tax 53.  Double Food Processor Licensing Fees – Biennial Fee. Increase in food costs forwarded on to us again. We have increase in pesticides, using a road, fuel, water, processing of …. how many more times will they increase the cost of our food?

Tax 40.  Increase Pesticide Fees. OK, so rather than stop allowing our food to be poisoned by pesticides, increasing the tax on the actual pesticide actually increases the cost to grow the food, which in turn increases the price we pay for our fresh fruit and vegetables that have been poisoned by the pesticides that are allowed due to the tax revenues collected, not from the producers of the pesticides, but from US, you and I.

Tax 14.  Enhanced “Bottle Bill” – bottle deposits.

P Tax 96.  New Tax on Soda.

P Tax 100.  Plastic Bag Tax.

P Tax 111.  Repeal Sales Tax Exemption for Vending Machines. O.K., now I am not into drinking soda at all, however, if we just take the 4 new taxes above, we can see that if one purchases a soda out of a vending machine, they will, on top of the taxes that were already in place before 2009, also pay more tax for the bottle,  the actual soda, and for the use of the vending machine. But, if the soda was bought in a grocery store instead of a vending machine, one will pay extra tax for the plastic bag. Now look over the transportation added taxes and add those into the scenario, oh, and if this all happened while away camping? Get the picture. This is just one item purchased.


Tax 29.  Increase Beer/Wine Tax. Why did prohibition end? So taxes could be collected. Not because it is everyone’s right to put into their bodies what ever they choose. So many people where making it illegally they were missing the taxing opportunity big time.

P Tax 98.  Increase and Equalize the Excise Tax on Alcoholic Beverages.

Tax 32.  Increase Cigar Tax.

P Tax 124.  Impose Excise Tax on “little cigars”.

Tax 38.  Establish Cigarette and Tobacco Retail Registration Fee.

P Tax 102.  Increase Excise Tax on Cigarettes ($1 Per Pack).


Tax 22.  Change Tax of  Overcapitalized Captive Insurance Corps.

Tax 45.  Increase Certificate of Need Fees.

Tax 62.  Insurance Company Boiler Inspection Report Fee Increase.

Tax 63.  Establish Horse Entrance Fee (Racing Industry).

Tax 64.  Increase Operating Permit Program – per ton fee.

Tax 65.  Establish Promotion Exam Fee.

P Tax 109.  Increase Certain Civil Court Filing Fees.


Tax 37.  Asbestos Notification Fee.

Tax 49.  Increase SPDES Fees: GP for PCI & Industrial. In case you were wondering – Bureau of Water Permits.

Tax 54.  Increase SPDES Fees: SW Initial Authorization Fee & New General Permit.

Tax 69.  Air Contamination Fees.

Tax 75.  Increase State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) Fees. They couldn’t just not allow the pollution, that would not be enough extra fees/taxes that way I suppose.

Tax 86.  Water Withdrawal Reporting Fee.

Tax 50.  Increase Nuclear Power Plant Fee. Hopefully, seeing as they have allowed these to be built, the fee would be only to pay for the improvement of the plant to increase safety in case of disaster. But I bet not.

P Tax 104.  Tax on Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Extractions.

P Tax 123.  Reduce Maximum Amounts of QETC and Biofuel Credit Claims.

P Tax 99.  Brownfields Economic Development Credit Restrictions.

P Tax 101.  Raise Taxes on Brownfield’s.


Tax 59.   Establish Bad Check Fee.

P Tax 115.  Limit Bank Bad Debt Deduction.

P Tax 94.  Tax Stock Transfers.

P Tax 107.  Impose New Tax on Hedge Fund Managers.

P Tax 112.  Increase Tax on Bank Subsidiary Capital.

P Tax 116.  Expand Tax on Cooperative Insurance Companies. Insurance issued by a mutual association such as a fraternal society, an employee association, an industrial association or a trade union.

P Tax 119.  Tax Out-of-State Trusts of New York Residents.

Before we buy any food, how many tax dollars has the government earned, whoops sorry, taken, before it gets to your plate?

Learn About the POWER and IMPACT of taxes here.

How would you like your money, Taxable, Tax Deferred or Tax Free?

“I could end the deficit in 5 minutes. You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.” – Warren Buffett

I would go one step further and suggest we half the number senators and other government officials over a period of ten years, especially if taxes are not reduced and they keep creating more and more ways to hide how they tax us.

We are paying them all to sit around figuring out as many ways as possible  to tax us with as much obscurity as possible. How LUDICROUS is that?

“It is morally tragic whenever a citizen’s only choice is between two wrongdoers—by Gary D. Barnett

I consider voting today only as an avenue that allows one group to legally plunder another, and a process that fully legitimizes a corrupt political system. Those who vote are obviously supportive of the political process and the political actions taken in this country, and are responsible for those they elect, and for what they do in office. This is why I think the old adage that “those who do not vote have no right to complain” is backward. Those who vote to allow the political carnage are the ones responsible for the problems, while those who don’t vote have nothing to do with electing criminal politicians. Therefore not voting is in and of itself a political statement denouncing the system, while voting shows favor of that same nefarious system. http://infinitebanking.org/BankNotes/Banknotes.pdf   At least if you are going to vote, vote for someone who agrees our taxes are way too high and whose goal is to get rid of the IRS.
Some people keep saying that 50% of the country don’t pay any tax. I don’t know how one can get away with not paying any tax in this country.
1)  If you are a W2 wage earner, you are given your pay after the tax has been taken out.
2)  If you buy food, you pay for all the taxes that were paid in the producing and delivery of that food. Just think about how many people and how many products in the food have been taxed before you buy the finished product to eat.  The cost of all that is in the final product you are paying for.
3)  If you buy clothes, you pay tax. Was any tax paid by the makers of the fiber used to make the thread? Was any tax paid on the machines or people that turn that fiber into thread? How many people, machines, vehicles, fuels, were needed to create each piece of clothing, all of which were taxed before you  were taxed when you purchased it? Was anything imported? There is also the import tax.
4)  If you pay rent on the place where you live, you pay tax. Your rent covers the property taxes of the owner. Each material used to build the house was taxed. Each person involved in any way of manufacturing materials, delivering materials, making plans for the structure, building the structure, the town fees etc. were all taxed before the renter pays rent that cover the property and school taxes.
5)  If you take public transportation or drive a vehicle you are paying multiple taxes. Fuel, vehicle manufacturing, mining the metals or creating the plastics etc. How many people once again have paid taxes from their wages for all the different processes and jobs. It is endless, and the government wants more????
6)  If you own a phone, cell or land-line, you are paying taxes. Look at all the parts needed to make a cell phone? Look at all the services needed to be provided so you can communicate through the cell phone, or regular phone.
There is not one thing you can purchase that the government has not earned multiple taxes on, on top of the tax you pay when you purchase the item or use a service.
The PRICE of each item you buy already includes the cost to produce that item. The cost to produce that item includes taxes that those producing it had to pay for. So the final purchaser of every good or service in this country is actually paid for by YOU, the purchaser. You are paying for all the taxes paid to anyone in the long line of people or businesses used to create what you are purchasing. And you are paying taxes on top of that when you purchase the item with AFTER income tax dollars, as well.

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