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Misunderstood Banking Tactics

1.  Cash Back Credit Cards charge the businesses 3% of every transaction whenever you use your credit card. And that is on top of a monthly fee they charge just for the privilege of being able to accept payment from you with a credit card versus cash or cheque. The bank does not give you […]

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Emergency conference call for concerned investors: Sunday, December 11th: G Edward Griffin

I am passing this along because I trust Ed Griffin and I think this may have some information that could be helpful to you.  The call numbers are at the bottom of the description. You can use them to listen after the event as well.Pass it on… _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011 December 9 from G. Edward Griffin […]

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Watch This Cartoon – Understanding Debt.

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David Icke – The One Party State (Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor – Part Two)

  Here is part one if you haven’t yet seen it.

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