Emergency conference call for concerned investors: Sunday, December 11th: G Edward Griffin

I am passing this along because I trust Ed Griffin and I think this may have some information that could be helpful to you.  The call numbers are at the bottom of the description. You can use them to listen after the event as well.
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2011 December 9 from G. Edward Griffin

Emergency conference call for concerned investors: Sunday, December 11th, 6:00 pm Pacific time

Dear Friends: On Sunday, December 11th at 6:00 pm Pacific time I am hosting an important conference call for all investors concerned about their financial future. I have several expert guests who will be sharing vital information to help you prosper in spite of inflation, destruction of the dollar, high government spending, and predator banks.

The details for how to access this call are at the end of this message.

For years, I have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of an unsound money system facilitated by the Federal Reserve. Many considered my views extreme, yet today’s headlines are filled with the very consequences I predicted. Even casual observers of the US and global economies are aware there is something terribly wrong. Worse, our so-called leaders continue to embrace and implement the same faulty principles and practices that created the mess in the first place. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that things have become so bad that even those who were disinterested up to now are paying attention. They recognize the problem, even if they don’t fully understand it and they are looking for answers.

I believe we have a rare window of opportunity to make substantial gains in both the cause of freedom at a political level and for the cause of our own personal financial well-being. The latter is very important, because it takes both time and money, not only to survive, but to carry on the fight for freedom from within an unsound money system.

On this emergency conference call, I have invited several experts to share important practical ideas you can use to both protect and build your personal wealth in spite of out-of-control government spending and double-digit inflation that looms directly ahead.

My goal is that you will prosper and use your prosperity to protect yourself and family. Then you will be in a better position to advance the cause of freedom.

Making money is not enough. We must restore the system that allows us to enjoy our hard-earned savings. But we cannot do that if we are made into paupers, dependent on the state for existence.

Your wealth and freedom are under attack, and we must fight back.

Please listen in to this important conference call for practical ideas that you can use to increase your wealth in spite of an unsound financial system.

To access the conference call: Call (559) 546-1099 and enter access code 537897# when prompted. When asked for the reference number, enter # again.

Yours for freedom and prosperity, G. Edward Griffin

P.S. Please pass this message along and invite your family and friends to listen in also.

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