Are There Any Solutions Available to Our Financial Mayham? Yes!

While most everyone is focusing on every conceivable thing that could be wrong with our monetary system, there are a few, less than 1% of the population, who are focused and on a mission to share the knowledge of the solution with the population

The problem seems so vast and so far out of control that the individual feels powerless to make a difference and so is frozen with fear of the future. However, the solution is actually quite simple. It is already in place and has been for over 200 years, since before the IRS as we know it today and the FED even existed.

This solution’s only require­ment is the action of a sin­gle per­son act­ing in a man­ner to help only him­self, but in so act­ing ulti­mately he helps all of soci­ety.  This solution is a group of like minded individuals  contracting together to solve a problem that each of them benefit from individually and as a whole group that also benefits all of society.

Nelson Nash has been practicing this solution for way over 30 years and was the first to write a book about it so the rest of us could understand and practice it for ourselves. The agency I am an agent with has owners who have been taught and are still being taught by Nelson himself for over the past eleven years. This agency was the first in the county to dedicate their agency to teaching their clients about this system,

If you are looking for a solution you can take part in that is quietly and with little effort on your part having a huge impact on the lives of those participating in it, then this solution is something you should look into.  This solution is on its way to eventually spreading nationwide to change the financial world of the USA and possibly extend internationally,so please call me so I can show you, via webinar, how you can participate.


There are three books I recommend you read and one audio tape to listen to either before or after we meet though. They are:

1. Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash – Can be bought as a paperback or an e-copy.  $21.95 + shipping

2. How Privatized Banking Really Works by Robert Murphy and Carlos Lara – Can read an online version at this link.  Free

3. Confessions of a CPA Why What I Was Taught To Be True Has Turned Out Not To Be by Bryan Bloom CPA. Buy directly from Bryan and he will sign it for you.  $16.95 + Shipping

4. Audio of G. Edward Griffin speaking about his book, The Creature From Jekyll Island – The Birth of the Federal Reserve. The one hour audio is found at this link.  Free


Effort is required to become educated in this concept. We have all, as a society, been trained to bank in a certain way. A paradigm shift will be necessary to grasp the simplicity and greatness of this new way of understanding how to bank. When you get paid you put all your money into either someone elses banking system or your own banking system. Either way, banking cannot be taken out of the equation. So you can be making the profits or you can continue to give someone else the profits. It really is that simple.

Like anything though, some people use this concept to sell products so please be wary and shop around and do your research before believing everything you are told. This works, My family has been practicing this and having great success. We are in our third year.  My mentors/trainers/coaches/colleagues have been practicing this for between 6 and 11 years. It is well worth your time to focus on a solution for yourself rather than continue to feed the evil wolf and giving it more power. Your actions will have a positive impact when you practice this solution.

Becoming Your Own Privatized Banker is the way to feed the good wolf and keep it shining in the light.

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