5 Key Assets / 5 Key Benefits / 5 Key Reliefs of Becoming Your Own Banker

5 Key Benefits of Becoming Your Own Banker

1  You become a loan committee of one because you own and control your private banking system.

2  Your transactions are private, and are not subject to credit bureaus or lending networks.

3  You recapture the interest once paid to other lending institutions.

4  You create your own system of privatized family banking branches to increase your personal wealth.

5  You create a legacy for future generations by teaching the Infinite Banking Concept to your children and grandchildren or your business co-owners.

5 Key Assets of Becoming Your Own Banker

1  A constantly growing death benefit

2  A personal banking system – using cash value to finance your purchases

3  A tax free growth plan on your capital

4  A tax free loan account – IRC 7702

5  A guaranteed perpetual wealth account to future generations, a powerful legacy.

5 Key Reliefs of Becoming Your Own Banker

1   No permission necessary for borrowing against your money

2   No approval necessary of what you want to borrow against your money for

3   No restrictions due to your age, of using your money as collateral for any purchase

4   No penalties for missed repayments

5   Interest-only loans means you are not obligated to repay the principal

5 Key Ways to Increase Your Collateral Capacity by Becoming Your Own Banker

1  Contributions – Paying your premiums

2  Lien Reduction – Repaying your loans with the EVA philosophy (Economic Value Added)

3  Internal Growth – Both guaranteed and non-guaranteed, tax deferred and tax free

4  Redirecting cash flow from current ‘savings/investment’ contributions

5  Utilizing current expenses and OPM debt repayments before spending that money

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