Income Taxes are Voluntary Compliance – When We Move, GOD Will Move – Joan of Arc

There is no law that states anyone of us HAS to pay income taxes. SO, Why Does the IRS Keep Telling Everyone that Income Tax is VOLUNTARY Compliance? – Steve Hempfling – 2010

Invited by the free enterprise society to speak about how for the last 25 years he has been searching for the law that states it is mandatory to have to pay income taxes. Has not yet found one.  54:36


  Ex IRS agent realizes the income tax is a fraud.


PART 2   6:14


 Another IRS agent reveals how income taxes are voluntary.


IRS Investigator, Civil asset forfeiture coordinator and a drug enforcement task force coordinator, CPA, Mr Joe Bannister on Income Taxes are fraud. They do not go to pay for anything that supports our country.

CNBC interview with Joe Bannister and Ron Paul – income taxes are fraudulent




This video is for educational purposes only.
Attorney, Tom Cryer, won a unanimous NOT GUILTY verdict in federal district court defeating the IRS’s claim that Tom “willfully” failed to file federal income tax returns. Tom refused to file tax returns because the IRS could not show him any law making him liable for ‘filing’ a tax return.



This is a clip from where the jury finds an American citizen not guilty for not filing taxes.



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  1. Alvis Jenkins - September 15, 2013

    June of 2013, Congressman Dennis A. Ross of the 15th District of Florida, made the following in part statement about 26 U.S.C.:….the current tax code does not state individual American’s liability for payment of federal taxes,……
    Congressman Ross is a lawyer and apparently agrees with subtitle C of 26 U.S.C. where a employee is defined as a federal worker, who is required to pay the tax.

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