Qualified Plans Postpone Taxes NOT Save Taxes – There is a Superior Choice!

Thursday, January 10th 2013 –  5:00 pm till 6:00 pm.

Join us for our Edu­ca­tional Sem­i­nar on Infi­nite Bank­ing as an alter­na­tive way to supplement your  retirement savings.

Loca­tion: Orange County Cham­ber of Com­merce, Mont­gomery Meet­ing Room

30 Scott’s Cor­ners Drive | Mont­gomery, NY 12549 | Tel 845/457‑9700

Register Here Today! 

or call Jennifer 845-649-7487 or email Jennifer@DebtDiagnosis.com

There is no charge but you must book your seat as there is limited space in the room. Thank you.

We are Small Busi­ness Growth Advisors.

Exam­ples of What We Teach and Offer Busi­ness Owners:

1. Imple­ment­ing pow­er­ful, lit­tle known tech­niques used by multi-billion dol­lar cor­po­ra­tions to improve bot­tom line prof­its while less­en­ing tax liabilities.

2. Trans­form­ing Lia­bil­i­ties into Assets.

3. Gen­er­at­ing Addi­tional Cash Flow  –  with­out chang­ing your cur­rent business model.

4. Mov­ing money from busi­ness accounts into per­sonal accounts in a tax advan­taged, even par­tially tax free manner.

5. Cre­at­ing Pri­vate Financ­ing Sys­tems that offer guar­an­teed penalty free line-of-credit where busi­ness owner sets the terms.

6. For­mu­lat­ing exit strate­gies that ensure com­pany and/or fam­ily vital­ity and longevity.

7. Insur­ing cap­i­tal for com­pany expan­sion regard­less of mar­ket or eco­nomic conditions.

8. Strate­gi­cally putting in place buy-sell agree­ments and how they should be funded to pre­vent bank­ruptcy, lit­i­ga­tion and other problems.

9. Under­stand­ing Life Insur­ance as a liv­ing benefit.

10. How to lever­age the Eco­nom­ics of Certainty.

If you are a small busi­ness owner and would like to under­stand how to imple­ment any or all of the above points, attend one of our live sem­i­nars or call me for a pri­vate webi­nar or in-person appoint­ment today. Our con­sul­ta­tions are free of charge.

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  1. joanie mann - December 4, 2012

    It’s really valuable for business owners to consider these items if they wish to get from the business what they envisioned from the beginning.
    For every small business owner, it is a balancing act between meeting today’s needs and reaching tomorrow’s goals. The “Exit Strategy” is the essential plan for recouping the capital (money, time, effort) that has been invested in a company, whether that “recouping” happens earlier or later.

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