What’s the BEST Way to Pay for College? Free Presentation Feb 21st.

Come find out at our free, one hour educational presentation on February 21st from 5 till 6 pm at the Orange County Chamber of Commerce Gallery Room.

If you are unable to join us for this live presentation, call me anyway so we can provide a private webinar for you to answer your questions.

REGISTER NOW by calling 845-649-7487.

Orange County Chamber address: 30 Scott’s Corners Drive | Montgomery, NY 12549







1/  What is the best way to afford college for my children without sacrificing my present lifestyle and my own retirement?

2/ What “planning” can I do if my child is going to college next year?

3/ What are the most common mistakes people make about financial aid?

4/ Are 529 Plans the way to go in paying for college?

5/ What are the key components in determining my family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?

6/ How can I improve my FAFSA profile?

7/ Do we make too much money to qualify for financial aid?

8/ Are public universities really less expensive than private universities?

9/ I’ve got more than one child who will be attending college at the same time how can I pay for that?

10/ What are the best ways (and the worst ways) to borrow money for college?

11/ I’m already paying back my college loans, is there anything I can do to improve my financial position while repaying my loans?







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