HOW COULD YOUR DEATH AFFECT YOUR FAMILY? An evening with Will & Trust specialist Chris Andrus, Attorney at Law



Do you want the easiest and most cost effective way to solve these questions?

Questions to Consider:

What is the difference between a Will and a Trust?

What is a Living Trust?

What are Medical Directives?

If something happened to you and your spouse, what could happen to your children?

Can you control how your children receive assets?

What is probate and how much can it cost?

If you already have a Trust, is it properly funded?

Why is funding the Trust so critical and how do you properly fund it?


Come and Learn the Most Cost Effective Way to Solve These Questions


Come join the AllianceGroup and associates as we host a special evening with Will and Trust Specialist

Chris Andrus, Attorney at Law.

Chris brings his unique presentation style and years of experience to this event. Not only will the evening be fun and informative, we have arranged for Chris to “significantly” reduce his standard fee for wills and trusts for all those in attendance!

Plan on attending this important event on:

Thursday, June 27th from 7pm to 9pm at:

The CottonTree Inn
10695 South Auto Mall Drive
Sandy, Utah 84070

You are welcome to bring guests.

Please call 845-649-7487 or


to reserve your seats!




Free of charge




We are very excited to have estate planning attorney, Chris Andrus as our guest speaker. He will be here this Thursday night at 7 PM, in Sandy, at the Cotton Tree Inn.

It is quite common for people to put off this very important planning process, either because they don’t want to deal with what may seem to be difficult family issues, like who gets what or who should be in charge. 

In many cases it is just a matter of simple procrastination, a “we ought to do that someday” attitude!

Sometime it’s a matter of cost. 

Well, we are going to solve that! We hope that helps you solve the procrastination problem as well!

As we have mentioned in our previous emails, Chris is going to “Substantially”, and I mean “Substantially” reduce his normal fee for those in attendance.

So come join us. We encourage you to bring additional guests. We promise to make this fun and entertaining as estate planning can be. 

Everyone in attendance will get the special discount and we might have a couple of free drawings that will make it very worthwhile for a couple of attendees!

To register, please respond to this email or call our office, 801-545-9494. Let us know how many will be attending with you.

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