Meaning of LUCK in relation to your money – Liquidity, Use, Control, Knowledge.

The power of your money is useless unless  you have liquidity, use, control and knowledge (LUCK) of it.

It’s not where your money is deposited that is important, rather it’s what you can do with it that is.

The LUCK of gambling has no place in a guaranteed setting.

There are so many vehicles that tie up our money: Mortgages, CD’s qualified plans, and instruments of debt. Whenever possible, you want your money to be liquid.

Liquidity means being able to get your money whenever you want, without penalties or fees.

Use of your money means being able to use your money any way you want, no questions asked.

Control of your money means you don’t have to go through a third party to get your money.

Knowledge of how money works means we understand how so we can best utilize it for it’s, maximum potential earning and capture of losses power. We understand how this can be of much greater value than that received by chasing meaningless average rates of return.

I can best explain LUCK by saying it will create options and opportunities for you, now and in the future.

If an opportunity comes your way and you have no money to take advantage of it because all your money is tied up and not liquid, well, that is truly unfortunate. Do opportunities ever wait for you? Rarely. You must be financially ready for when one does though. If you’re not, you’re at the mercy of lending institutions.


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