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Debt is the #1 concern on people’s minds and you know the solution. You are in a position to help friends, families, colleagues, clients, acquaintances, and many, many others eliminate the burden of debt. Help people today by introducing them to the Worth Account service and show them how they may be on the road to financial freedom! Worth Unlimited is on a crusade to help as many people as possible get out of the bondage of debt. And, we need more agents and referral partners to get to and help more people! Remember, now with Worth Unlimited, sales are even easier.

New Sales Model! You don’t need to make any sales (you get someone interested enough to run an analysis, then refer them to Worth Unlimited and the Corporate office will take over – Corporate does the analysis, the presentation, and closes the sale and you get a check in the mail!!!) New Price Point! Prices will vary and are based on the client’s interest savings. The price point is now based on the person’s savings; with, of course a price cap so that the investment will never exceed a certain amount. Generous Compensation Plan!! Worth offers 10 different ways to earn commission as an agent.

Join us for a webinar Wednesday, August 7th at 7pm CDT / 8pm EDT. To register:

If you are not available on Wednesday, you can watch a recorded webinar at:

You can sign up as an agent directly from my Worth Opportunity Site, or your own site if you’re already an agent! If you haven’t already checked it out, see the short videos at:

We need your help getting to as many people as possible – debt is the issue and we have the solution. Make this a win / win – help people with their debt and earn SIGNIFCANT income doing so.

It is time to take America back from the burden of debt, one family at a time.

Remember – the Founder’s Club Promotion has been EXTENDED!!! The requirements stay the same; however, now instead of needing to complete the requirements between June and July, we now have to complete the same requirements between June and September.

There is a lot going on with Worth this week.

Webinars / Training:

Team Training – Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT. To register: Training Topic: Handling Objections Corporate Opportunity Webinar – Wednesday, August 7 at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT. To register: Corporate Agent Training – Thursday, August 8 at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT. To register:

Live Opportunity Meetings:

Las Vegas, NV – August 6 at 6:30pm. Hosted and presented by Joan Haakonstad and the rest of the Vegas team! Chicago, IL – August 8 at 7pm. Baltimore, MD: August 13 at 6:59pm. Hosted by our very own Elaine Kibler! Prince George County, MD – August 14 at 6:59pm. Hosted by our very own Elaine Kibler! Portland, OR – August 22 at 7pm.

Check your book of business / your sphere of influence / database and invite everyone you know in these areas to attend!

Corporate will be adding many more meetings to the calendar this coming week – make sure you check the corporate site for more meetings: WebEvents – under Events, Live Meetings.

Agent Resources:

We have a lot of resources at our disposal to help each and everyone of us be successful. Make sure you check out your replicated websites, back office, corporate site, Joan’s website (, team trainings, Corporate trainings, Opportunity Webinars, and Live Events, etc… to help you build your business. Use everything available to help you reach your Worth goals!!!

Have you set your Worth goals? If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” ― Albert Einstein

Current Worth Promotions: First – Agent Registration Fee Reimbursement: NEW AGENTS: If you have an activation within the first 30 days of becoming an agent, you will get your agent registration fee reimbursed, on top of your commission. Second – Direct to Director Promotion: New agents who make a sale (platinum or platinum plus – have at least one mortgage in the debt structure) in the first 30 days of being an agent will be automatically promoted to Director! – Skipping the Supervisor position and automatically receiving overrides at the Director level. A personal activation (investing in the program yourself – again, platinum or platinum plus) will count towards this promotion as well. Platinum or platinum plus simply means having 1-3 mortgages or more than 3 mortgages. Remember, though, the WORTH ACCOUNT will work on ANY debt, not just those with a mortgage!

Third – Founders Club! This is an incredible opportunity for ALL agents to earn membership into Worth Unlimited’s Founder Club!! There are two levels of the founders’ club: Silver and Gold.

All Founders Club Members will receive:

No cost admission to all events. VIP Reserved Seating at all events. Founders Club Achievement Pin and access to exclusive Founders Club Apparel. Ongoing perks and rewards made available only to Founders Club Members.

In addition, Silver Members will receive:

2% PERMANENT increase to base commission on ALL personal sales.

In addition, Gold Members will receive:

5% PERMANENT increase to base commission on ALL personal sales. Founders Club Branded iPad.

To qualify, all you need in the month of June and July is a total of:

Silver Membership 4 Platinum Activations (at least one mortgage in each of the debt structures) 8 New Agent Recruits Gold Membership 6 Platinum Activations (at least one mortgage in each of the debt structures) 10 New Agent Recruits

Again, these are total sales and recruits to be completed in June through September, 2013 (NOT each month, but total between June through September).

Remember – Debt is the number one issue on people’s minds and we have the solution. We can help people with additional income and with paying off their debt in the fastest time frame, given their financial situation. Don’t be a secret business owner and make sure you let people know about Worth Unlimited!!

Check out these video testimonials!

“In the first 6 months using the software, we were able to eliminate almost $60,000 of interest and we are on track to be debt-free in 10 years! We love the hope that the program has provided us and feel very blessed. Because it is working so well for us, we now want to share the hope.” Steve W.

Please let me know if I may be of assistance.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

My best,

Jennifer Hansen

Worth Unlimited Mobile: 845-649-7487

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Financial GPS cancels up to two thirds of debt payments! Average Homeowner saves $120,000 without Refinancing or Changing Budget! Check out:


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