If you wish to ‘secede’ financially, from the ways of the world…….read further

Comment by R. Nelson Nash – I suggest that you read the article by Butler Shaffer, (found at the link below), at least five times. Then, consider that one can “secede” financially from the “ways of the world” by studying and applying the principles taught by The Infinite Banking Concept.

Butler Shaffer’s article can be found at the Bank Notes link below (beginning at the bottom of page 2)

After reading it, as suggested by, Nelson  Nash, the founder of the Infinite Banking Concept and IBI Institute, begin studying my blog articles on Infinite Banking and request from me a private webinar (Jennifer Hansen 845 649 7487).

Also, read Nelson Nash’s book, Becoming Your Own Banker as this gives you the basics of Austrian Economics in action in the form of Infinite Banking and provides the necessary education from which to begin asking questions.!



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