The Real Impact of Only 2% Fees Charged in Qualified Plans.

2 percent fee impact

Lost Opportunity Costs are just one of the Wealth Transfers that we calculate and find for our clients when determining the best way to reallocate their dollars.

Because in the financial world we are not told the truth about certain products and certain assets, it makes it very easy for them to put their assets in a light that is not realistic. When we go through it with the software, even though the software is not designed to highlight a particular product, it shows up that Life Insurance just outshines everything else that is there as long as you are making a valid comparison. Kim, knock this down to 6.97%.

2% of fees took away all the benefit that we got from the federal govt. and all the benefit that we got from our employer.

Just that one thing.

And if we look down here it is kind of interesting.

 Turn the fees ‘off’ for a minute Kim,

with them ‘off’ we have $3,484,611 right? Turn the fees on.

With the fees ‘on’ we lost a million 3 in fees. A third of the account went away in fees,

even though all that was paid out in fees was $551,812. Those are hugely devastating.

The Life Insurance policy just outshines everything else but at the same time it gives us the ability to use those dollars, so it is very different from any of the other assets.

Images and script  are from a, Todd Langford, Truth Concepts, presentation.


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