Where Do You Prefer to have Your Wealth Reside?

Look­ing at the facts, where would you pre­fer to have your wealth reside?

Real Estate? Take a look around and see what hap­pens when one needs liq­uid­ity. Real Estate is very much a frozen asset.

The Stock Mar­ket? Until you have read the books listed on page 91 in BYOB you are not really qual­i­fied to make an intel­li­gent deci­sion about such an action. When you buy into the stock mar­ket, you are buy­ing an opin­ion, and that is all.

Or, free con­tract with other free per­sons. From this base of finan­cial oper­a­tion you can do any of the other things in life that you desire. (Spe­cially designed Life Insur­ance, used as a liv­ing ben­e­fit. A pool of financ­ing capital)?

We say this, if you like risk, assump­tions and opin­ions then at least house your money or move your money through a store­house, you con­trol, and that you can access at your own will that pro­vides guar­an­teed growth, even while you are uti­liz­ing those same dol­lars in real estate or stock mar­ket or where ever. At least if a great deal comes along you have easy access to cash and if the deal goes bad, you have a back-up plan so you haven’t lost everything.

(Page 85 of Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson NASH.)

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