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IRS Code 7702 – Who Wins When You Play Chess With Yourself?

Understanding the players in the financial game can help you win with each move you make.

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You Finance Everything You Buy – You Either Pay Interest or Give Up Interest.

The Debtor doesn’t have any sav­ings so they are forced into bor­row­ing. They bor­row the money and work toward pay­ing it back and get­ting back to zero. They do this over and over because if they don’t have any cash, they are going to be forced to bor­row every time a major expense comes up.

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Where Do You Prefer to have Your Wealth Reside?

Look­ing at the facts, where would you pre­fer to have your wealth reside? Real Estate? Take a look around and see what hap­pens when one needs liq­uid­ity. Real Estate is very much a frozen asset. The Stock Mar­ket? Until you have read the books listed on page 91 in BYOB you are not really qual­i­fied […]

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Mechanics of Insurance Policy Loans

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The Perfect Investment by Carlos Lara

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Protected: IBC Loan Interest – Who gets it?

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The compounding effect of NOT paying maximum premiums.

Please click on illustration for larger view. We can easily see with this illustrative comparison that there is a greater loss, over time, than just the amount of the premium that was not paid in years 4 and 5. The total premium NOT paid for those two years was $12,524. The difference between the Guaranteed […]

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Asset Safety & Benefits Comparison – How Much of Your Money is in JAIL?


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Banks Fund Bonuses with Life Insurance,

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Mutual Life Insur­ance is mak­ing a come­back now that our spec­u­la­tive econ­omy has blown up

How to preserve your capital with guaranteed growth and safety. Aren’t we all inundated with negative crap from everywhere from media to private conversations to internet. Who is offering a viable, lucrative, safe and secure alternative for our money? There is one financial vehicle offered by a company that has been around for and paid […]

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