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If What You Thought To Be True About Money Turned Out Not To Be True, When Would You Want To Know That?

If What You Thought To Be True About Money Turned Out Not To Be True, When Would You Want To Know That? Mak­ing One Small Change can open up a whole new world. Are you game enough to give it a go? Under­stand, how right now, you are the loaner of your money, but you can be […]


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Divided We Fall, United We Conquer. Same goes for your dollars!

. Find more infor­ma­tion here:


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The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind — Hidden Secrets of Money 4 | Mike Maloney

Make Sure You Watch This


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A New Way of Financial Planning

Are you look­ing for an out-of-the-box finan­cial plan­ner? Well you have come to the right place.  Whether you are a client won­der­ing which agent you would like to part­ner with to help you nav­i­gate these uncer­tain finan­cial times,  whether you are an agent want­ing to expand your knowl­edge base, or whether you are look­ing for a […]


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Live Event in Utah — Fri Jan 10th 2014 — Free — 12 Keys to Creating Financial Certainty. Also via Webinar

Make your 2014 a spec­tac­u­lar year! Be proac­tive by hang­ing out with and learn­ing from those who know the 12 Keys to Cre­at­ing Finan­cial Cer­tainty, because we are will­ing to share this infor­ma­tion with you. Who do you know in Utah or who do you know who is will­ing to travel to Utah to learn about the […]


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What is Free Banking?


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Victoria Grant, 12, Hits Lecture Circuit To Explain How Canadian Banking Is A Fraud (VIDEO)

Vic­to­ria Grant on Bank Fraud


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True Lessons of the Recession

The True Lessons of the Reces­sion The West Can’t Bor­row and Spend Its Way to Recov­ery by Raghu­ram Rajan Raghu­ram Rajan is Pro­fes­sor of Finance at the Uni­ver­sity of Chicago­B­ooth School of Busi­ness and the author of Fault Lines: How Hid­denFrac­tures Still Threaten the World Econ­omy.   For­eign Affairs May 2012 True Lessons of the Recession […]


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As Good As (Better Than) Gold!

As Good As (Bet­ter Than) Gold!by Kevin LaskoMy dad passed away on July 8, 2011 from a mas­sive heart attack at the age of 89. He was a great man and even bet­ter father. He was also an avid coin col­lec­tor, noth­ing high end, but he really enjoyed look­ing at his col­lec­tion and show­ing my […]


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How to Calculate Interest Volume — The % you are really paying.

How much are you really pay­ing in inter­est dol­lars, even if you pay cash? This is why just look­ing at inter­est rates has got­ten so many peo­ple into finan­cial trou­ble. We must also under­stand inter­est vol­ume & inter­est veloc­ity. Com­pare how much you are pay­ing with how much you are earn­ing  —  in dol­lars rather than per­cent­ages. First […]


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The Truth About Participating Whole Life Insurance — Actual 48 year history comparison.



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A Concise History of the Fed

A Con­cise His­tory of the Fed Admit noth­ing. Explain noth­ing. As a gen­eral rule, the most suc­cess­ful man in life is the man who has the best infor­ma­tion Mayer Amschel Bauer Roth­schild, founder of the Inter­na­tional Bank­ing House of Roth­schild said: “Let me issue and con­trol a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”


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Misunderstood Banking Tactics

1.  Cash Back Credit Cards charge the busi­nesses 3% of every trans­ac­tion when­ever you use your credit card. And that is on top of a monthly fee they charge just for the priv­i­lege of being able to accept pay­ment from you with a credit card ver­sus cash or cheque. The bank does not give you […]


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Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor — Vatican calls for global authority on economy

Click to view video Part two of Essen­tial Knowl­edge For A Wall Street Protestor  


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The Twelve US Federal Reserve Districts

The Twelve Fed­eral Reserve Dis­tricts **Note: There are sev­eral dozen more branch loca­tions. Please check the Fed­eral Reserve dis­trict near you   Lis­ten to the OBJECTIVES of the FIAT MONEY ADMINISTRATION whoops, I mean the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK that isn’t owned by our fed­eral gov­ern­ment, that does not have a reserve of money for us and […]


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Protected: L09) How to Turn Liabilities into Assets Using Financing as a Wealth Creation Strategy

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Abundance is Available for YOU. Do the ‘Money Rampage’ with Abraham NOW!

When asked what he thought about the reces­sion in 1991, Sam Wal­ton of Wal­mart replied, “I thought about it, and I decided not to join” He went on to quadru­ple his busi­ness over the next two years. While his com­peti­tors were all down­siz­ing, he was up-sizing. No one has been able to catch up since […]


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INTEREST 101 — Rate vs Cost — Earned vs charged

Inter­est is always work­ing. It is either work­ing for you or against you. You are either earn­ing inter­est, pay­ing inter­est or los­ing the oppor­tu­nity to earn inter­est. There are no other sce­nar­ios. As a soci­ety we have been trained to look at cer­tain aspects of bank­ing in a lim­ited way because by so doing we […]


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Greenbacks. LOL


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State Banks bypassing Washington, Wall Street and the Fed.

It’s all about Bank­ing. A Sec­ond Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion? More than 80 years ago, Wall Street trig­gered the Great Depres­sion and cast mil­lions into poverty and despair.  The capac­ity of the states and local gov­ern­ments to deal with the cat­a­stro­phe was over­whelmed.  Pres­i­dent Franklin D. Roo­sevelt used the fed­eral gov­ern­ment in ways never before seen or […]


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When You Get Paid, Where Do You Put ALL Your Money?

Page 85, point 3, of Best Sell­ing Author Nel­son Nash’s book, Becom­ing Your Own Banker, asks you to con­sider this point  —  When you get paid for your work, you put ALL of it into “some­one else’s bank” and then write checks from the account to buy the things of life. SO, “some­one else’s bank” gets all […]


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113 Bank Fees/Charges

Here is a list 113 rea­sons why you would want to thor­oughly inves­ti­gate Becom­ing Your Own Banker. Why sub­ject your­self to this list of mostly unwar­ranted charges. Now I am not sug­gest­ing that by Becom­ing Your Own Banker you will never have to use a reg­u­lar cor­ner bank again, because you will have to. How­ever, you will def­i­nitely be less and less, at their mercy, the longer you own and oper­ate your own pri­vate bank­ing system.


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Where Can You Earn a 30% Guaranteed Return?

  First of all, who do you know that earns between a 15% and a 40% return? Most peo­ple respond with  —  I don’t know.


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Dow Jones Averages — in dollars

Please click here to see invest­ing from 2000 to 2010 and also 1994 to 2010 (Dow Jones)   Dow Jones  —  Here are the last 11 years aver­age return as a per­cent­age and also actual per­for­mance in dol­lars. So if you started invest­ing in 2000, this could be your growth. Let’s begin with a $1,000.00 invest­ment. Year       […]


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What is the ‘lost-opportunity-cost’ of paying with CASH?

Let’s use a car pur­chase as an exam­ple of the Lost Oppor­tu­nity Cost of spend­ing cash. Let’s begin with assum­ing you have $20,000 saved up in a sav­ings account and you want to buy a car. You do not want to pay the bank all that inter­est and you have been told that CASH is KING so you […]


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How Banks Profit From Your Deposits

Below is an Exam­ple of Veloc­ity at work for a bank. What do you care about a banks veloc­ity? This por­trays what they do with your money and why the finan­cial sys­tem is set up to pre­vent you from doing this for yourself.


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Alabama Town’s Failed Pension Is a Warning

Pub­lished: Thurs­day, 23 Dec 2010 | 4:39 AM ET By: Michael Cooper and Mary Williams Walsh The New York Times This strug­gling small city on the out­skirts of Mobile was warned for years that if it did noth­ing, its pen­sion fund would run out of money by 2009. Right on sched­ule, its fund ran dry.


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Ron Paul to Audit ‘The Fed’


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IRC 529 vs IRC 7702 — Saving for College

First of all, what is a 529? (It is the Tax code gov­ern­ing col­lege sav­ings plans) The 529 col­lege sav­ings plan is a state spon­sored, tax-advantaged tool that is offered so fam­i­lies can save specif­i­cally for qual­i­fied higher edu­ca­tion expenses for their chil­dren. Per­son­ally, I do not like to call them ‘sav­ings’ plans due to […]


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Cash Value Life Insurance: A Cornerstone Asset Of a Bank

Cash Value Life Insur­ance: A Cor­ner­stone Asset Of a Bank By Barry Dyke Novem­ber 24, 2008 Cash value life insur­ance is one of the most impor­tant assets of a bank, par­tic­u­larly America’s large banks. Banks pur­chase so much cash value life insur­ance that life insur­ance of this type has its own name BOLI (bank-owned-life-insurance). Banks own […]


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