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Protected: Multi-tasking Dollars using Life Insurance and Real Estate as an Investment Opportunity.

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IBC For Business Owners By Carlos Lara  L M R O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2 (Author’s Note: This Chart is reprinted here in the Lara-Murphy Report with permission from Casey Research,

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Protected: Infinite Banking Business Model – for agents to teach

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We Teach Business Owners 10 Strategies for Financial Success:

We are Small Business Growth Advisors. Examples of What We Teach and Offer Business Owners: 1. Implementing powerful, little known techniques used by multi-billion dollar corporations to improve bottom line profits while lessening tax liabilities. 2. Transforming Liabilities into Assets. 3. Generating Additional Cash Flow – without changing your current business model. 4. Moving money […]

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Protected: L16) Tracking (IBC) Private Reserve Business Banking Cash Flow

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Conspiracy of the Rich – Robert Kiyosaki

  Click here to view video   Kiyosaki is right, dollars have no intrinsic value. If you are going to try to accumulate dollars, you are wasting your time as dollars have no value other than that which we and other people place on those’ little green pieces of paper with pictures of dead presidents […]

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W2 Employees – How To Keep More Income

W2 Employees – How to Keep More Income What is the biggest single financial obligation of each person in the USA? Taxes. With all the bailouts, and government spending we can be sure that our taxes will not be being reduced any time soon. W2 workers are taxed before they get their earnings. Then they […]

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Tax Strategies – Increase your Net Worth by Thousands – WithOUT Making More Money!

Tax Strategies – Increase Your Networth By Thousands – WithOUT Making More Money! a NEW webinar series… Thanks so much for attending our “Increase Your Net Worth / Tax Strategies” webinar over the last week or so. The feedback was incredible… I so appreciate all your kind words and was happy to help.

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Trump/Kiyosaki on Network Marketing

HERE IS AN ARTICLE FROM THE BOOK TRUMP AND KIYOSAKI WROTE TOGETHER ON NETWORK MARKETING TRUMP / KIYOSAKI excerpt Harvard Business School, Opportunity of a Lifetime! September 17, 2008 Network Marketing is being taught at more than 200 colleges, including Harvard Business School. After extensive research into the network marketing industry, Harvard Business School developed […]

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