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Creating Financial Certainty

Creating  Financial  Certainty   We  believe  that  by  eliminating  risk  from  your  financial  model  and  focusing  on  financial  strategies  that  are  not  risk ‐ based  or  market‐ based,  and  by  recapturing  interest,  principal  and  lost  opportunity  costs,  you  will  virtually  guarantee  a  financial  wealth  building  system  “that  always  produces  the  intended  outcome”.  Every  day,  we […]

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L6) Tracking VELOCITY in your Private Reserve Strategy System.

One example of VELOCITY is using the repayments of loans to capitalize the financing of new loans on a continuous basis. This post is a demonstration of a way you can track the velocity of your own Private Reserve Strategy Loans. The diagrams tell the story and the xls spread sheet sections prove the math. […]

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