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Emergency conference call for concerned investors: Sunday, December 11th: G Edward Griffin

I am pass­ing this along because I trust Ed Grif­fin and I think this may have some infor­ma­tion that could be help­ful to you.  The call num­bers are at the bot­tom of the descrip­tion. You can use them to lis­ten after the event as well.Pass it on… _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011 Decem­ber 9 from G. Edward Grif­fin Emergency […]


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The Birth of the Federal Reserve — by G. Edward Griffin

The Objec­tives of the Fed­eral Reserve from The Crea­ture of Jekyll Island. We have been led to believe that the Fed­eral Reserve is fail­ing in it’s objec­tives but the real­ity is it is suc­ceed­ing mag­nif­i­cently. We just think their objec­tives are the same as ours, but they are not. See audio link below  —  1910  –  1913 Fed­eral Reserve System […]


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