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Your Social Security Statement – Page One.

Beginning  January  1,  2011  every  day,  8  to  10,000  baby  boomers  will  turn  65.  That  will  continue  for  18  years. Our government  has  promised  those  baby  boomers  and  their  children  and  their  grandchildren  trillions  of  dollars  in  the  form  of  government  entitlements. Let’s  examine  just  one  of  those  entitlements,  Social  Security. Beginning  in  1999  the […]

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Avert the Social Security Crisis by Robert Bennett

  CLICK BELOW FOR ACCESS to ARTICLE – Avert the Social Security Crisis    Article written: Monday, Jan. 13, 2014   BY:  Robert Bennett, former U.S. senator from Utah, is a part-time teacher, researcher and lecturer at the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics.

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Whole Life Insurance vs Social Security

Whole Life Insurance vs Social Security – Galveston Did you know that in 1983 congress changed the laws so that other counties could not copy what Galveston had done 2 years earlier. Galveston County (like a few others before it) pulled out of the Social Security system because they found a safer and more flexible […]

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