L39) Interest Volume plus Multi-tasking Dollars Example

Interest Volume plus Multi-tasking Dollars Example As time goes by I will be adding to this scenario as this person uses saved dollars to pay for their premiums and then takes loans to reuse those premium dollars by making principle only lump sum payments to their vehicle loan while tracking the effect of doing that […]

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Cost of Refinancing

Does Refinancing to a Lower Interest Rate, Lower Your Debt and Save You Money? We are taught to focus all our attention on interest rates but by only looking at interest rates, we miss the fact that refinancing often increases our debt load, not decreases it, like many believe. Let’s first look at the cost […]

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Car Loan Comparison – Corner Bank or Your Banking System

The first consideration is the process to actually get the loan in the first place. BANK LOAN Purpose of Loan- Must be for a specific item like car, appliance, home, etc. Approval- Must be approved for the loan Credit Check- Approved credit history as well as reliable income source(s) Terms & Conditions- Interest Rate, Amortization […]

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