One More Reason for Maxing Whole Life Insurance in Your Family Financial Plan.

Click title below for full article 4 Steps to take now that S-t-r-e-t-c-h IRA’s are in Danger by Forbes   7/11/2013 @ 12:03PM The personal finance headline coming out of the Senate yesterday was that Democrats could muster only  51 votes for a bill to extend the low 3.4% interest rates on subsidized undergraduate student […]

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GAO Has Finally Audited The Fed

Did You Know That the GAO (Government Accountability Office)  Has Finally Audited The Fed? Take a Look at These Two Articles and Ponder the Impact of the Results Revealed In the Audit, As Well As How The Chicanery of Our Federal Bureaucrats Will Open Doors for you This Year As Never Before! The first ever GAO […]

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Ownership Economy Sustained Our Parents & Grandparents through Thick and Thin

Client Therapy: Once Upon A Time In Middle-Class America John E. Girouard 10.31.08, 7:30 PM ET The Great Bailout of 2008 and the death of Wall Street as we’ve come to think of it are the last shovels of dirt on the grave of the once-vaunted “New Economy.” After decades of financial hocus-pocus, inept regulation […]

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Forbes article on Mutual Whole Life Insurance – (Life Insurance for the Living)

Insurance A Financial Bunker For Scary Times John E. Girouard 02.10.09, 6:30 PM ET Suppose there was a financial instrument with a track record stretching back 1,400 years; that was so solid it could survive the Great Depression intact; that earned untaxed interest at a competitive rate; that could be borrowed against at will regardless […]

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Mutual Life Insur­ance is mak­ing a come­back now that our spec­u­la­tive econ­omy has blown up

How to preserve your capital with guaranteed growth and safety. Aren’t we all inundated with negative crap from everywhere from media to private conversations to internet. Who is offering a viable, lucrative, safe and secure alternative for our money? There is one financial vehicle offered by a company that has been around for and paid […]

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Banking Strategies Webinar Handout

Click on the link below to view my Banking Strategies webinar presentation handout. You may print it and take notes as I present to you via a live gotomeeting webinar or you can read through it now and call me to ask any questions you may have. I hope this information opens your mind to […]

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