Where Can You Earn a 30% Guaranteed Return?

  First of all, who do you know that earns between a 15% and a 40% return? Most people respond with – I don’t know.


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Introduction to ‘Becoming Your Own Banker’

New Client Introduction to IBC: Continuation of last weeks webinar… CLICK HERE FOR LATEST TOPIC The Bank of Jason Davis: How Jason is converting the liabilities into assets for a tax free retirement.”Presenter Jason Davis Special Client Introduction Presentation: TONIGHT Thursday – July 14th – 9 pm till 10 pm EDT. CONTACT ME NOW FOR […]


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Difference between a Stock and a Mutual Insurance Company

The main difference between a Stock Insurance Company and a Mutual Insurance Company is that the Stock owned company is responsible for making money for the stock holders where as a Mutually owned company is responsible for making money for the Policy Holders, which would be YOU.


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How Privatized Banking Really Works

How Privatized Banking Really Works Integrating Austrian Economics with the Infinite Banking Concept By L. Carlos Lara and Robert P. Murphy, PhD. What if there was a solution to government intervention and our current money madness? Would you hesitate one minute in wanting to know what it is? Of course not! No one would. The […]


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