Is Deferring Taxes a Sound Financial Decision?

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Qualified Plans Postpone Taxes NOT Save Taxes – There is a Superior Choice!

Thursday, January 10th 2013 –  5:00 pm till 6:00 pm. Join us for our Edu­ca­tional Sem­i­nar on Infi­nite Bank­ing as an alter­na­tive way to supplement your  retirement savings. Loca­tion: Orange County Cham­ber of Com­merce, Mont­gomery Meet­ing Room 30 Scott’s Cor­ners Drive | Mont­gomery, NY 12549 | Tel 845/457‑9700 Register Here Today!  or call Jennifer 845-649-7487 or […]

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Who is YOUR money working hardest for TODAY? How much of your money is in JAIL?

Who is profiting most from your jailed money today, while you wait for your future? Inter­est is always work­ing. It is either work­ing for you or against you. You are either earn­ing inter­est, pay­ing inter­est or los­ing the oppor­tu­nity to earn inter­est. There are no other scenarios. Money has to move to earn. Stag­nant money […]

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