Are you Saving or Investing for your passive income years (retirement)? Safe or Risk?

Beginning back in the late 70’s and early 80’s we began to make a transition in this country as it relates to saving for our passive income years (retirement). Up  until  that  time,  people  “saved”  for  retirement.  They literally  put  money  in  savings  accounts  to  be  used  in  the future  when  they  retired.  Beginning  with […]

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The baby boomers have been sold a massive bill of goods. This started back in grammar school and continued right through college. This myth was based upon certain principles that were geared to reward conformity and ultimately punish any pursuit outside the realm of the status quo. While this indoctrination was not transparent or even […]

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Whole Life Insurance vs Social Security

Whole Life Insurance vs Social Security – Galveston Did you know that in 1983 congress changed the laws so that other counties could not copy what Galveston had done 2 years earlier. Galveston County (like a few others before it) pulled out of the Social Security system because they found a safer and more flexible […]

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