Term or Whole Life, that is the question?

Term or Whole Life, that is the question? The Cost of the Death Benefit over your lifetime might just surprise you! Most people try to find a life insurance policy that costs them the least amount of money for the highest amount of death benefit. When one truly understands life insurance, you will look for […]

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It’s A Wonderful Life – What did George Bailey want to use as Collateral for a Bank Loan?

What happened when James Stewart (George Bailey) went to the bank to ask for a loan? He was first asked by the banker (Lionel Barrymore as Mr. Potter) , “What collateral do you have?” His Answer, Life Insurance Policy with Cash Value. Next question asked by Mr. Potter was, “”How much equity do you have […]

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Protected: L8) What Dave and Suze forgot to tell you!

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