New World Order IS Being Overthrown, Right Now. Are You watching?

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – JustInformedTalk President Donald J Trump. April 26 2019 Actions speak louder than words. Trump has taken us, the American people, out of the New World Order game. The game to take over control of the world via the central banking system, continued wars, human trafficking slavery, agenda 21 and all […]

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Trump/Kiyosaki on Network Marketing

HERE IS AN ARTICLE FROM THE BOOK TRUMP AND KIYOSAKI WROTE TOGETHER ON NETWORK MARKETING TRUMP / KIYOSAKI excerpt Harvard Business School, Opportunity of a Lifetime! September 17, 2008 Network Marketing is being taught at more than 200 colleges, including Harvard Business School. After extensive research into the network marketing industry, Harvard Business School developed […]

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