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(Our Retire­ment Ready-or-Not cal­cu­la­tor helps you deter­mine how much you will want to put away while you are work­ing so you can main­tain your cur­rent stan­dard of liv­ing after you retire)

When you pay off college loan debts, credit card debts, car loan repayments etc. what happens to the money you make those repayments with? It is gone forever. It is never coming back. It has performed one action for you, it has helped pay off one debt and that is all it has done.

If I could show you a way that would allow you to capture much of the principal and interest charges back into your account, when would you want to learn how to do that?

Many people, after learning about Infinite Banking, either don’t come to see me because they think they have too much debt and so cannot afford another expense added to their budget, (but we utilize those same dollars to do more than one thing) or wait till they have paid off their debt before they come to see me (not realizing they could have used that money multiple times).

It saddens me when either of these scenarios occur and it also proves how brainwashed our society as a whole is, in regards to cash flow and how to best utilize their hard earned dollars. Life insurance when designed and utilized correctly within a Mutual Insurance company structure, can multitask the same money you are paying your debts off with. Of course you have to have some savings and or be saving while paying off your debts for the best results.

Rather than investigating a whole different paradigm of money management, many people either ignore it, thinking they could not possibly qualify or they do what they have always been taught to do, uni-task their dollars by throwing as much as possible towards debt principal pay off to save interest charges without considering the lost opportunity costs associated with the spending of those dollars.

Please let us show you how by Becoming Your own Banker you can utilize your debt elimination payments to build wealth BEFORE you use those same repayments to refinance your debt into your own banking system thereby multi-tasking those dollars numerous times and in numerous ways.

There is quite possibly a light at the end of the tunnel for you, a solution to the current money madness.  A little education and understanding goes a long way and we want to educate you. You deserve to not have these banking principles hidden from you any more.

Society has been blinded to thinking in a limited way about wealth creation:

* To chase higher Rates Of Return on investments. That risk will be cancelled over a long term.

* And lower Interest Charges along with an affordable monthly payments are all you need to think about in regards to repaying loans.

They’ve been taught to keep their savings in jail for as long as possible and are penalized for using it outside of the structured restrictions placed on each type of holding account therefore being forced to borrow from the same system that is holding their savings (in risky positions) for a much higher cost.

Throwing more water into a bucket full of holes is not the answer. Filling the holes is the answer.

They are also taught that:

* spending cash is the best way to buy things,

* compound interest is the best way to earn interest and that

* buying term insurance and investing the difference between the cost of the term and the cost of a whole life policy is the best way to protect their families future for generations to come.

Have you ever asked yourself  WHY? Why are we taught to focus on these particular things? All these teachings are designed to keep you in debt and rob you of your wealth.

Call or email me today, right now, to set a time for my colleagues and I to show you a completely different way of handling your money. It will require a paradigm shift, but we are here to show you how to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Your first step will be to read best selling author, Nelson Nash’s book, Becoming Your Own Banker.

You can contact me (Jennifer Hansen) at 845-649-7487 or

Some of what we will teach you about is:

* The difference between performing and non-performing debt.

* Why financing is not debt because you finance everything you buy, even when you buy using cash.

* Interest velocity – You either earn interest or pay interest, according to Albert Einstein. Which are you doing?

* The relationship between interest rates and Interest Volume.

* The cost of spending cash.

* How money makes money.

* Why you are encouraged by the ‘tax-deferred’ principal, to tie up your savings in risky positions under the pretense of saving tax dollars.

* The real meaning of Tax-Deferred or what we call Tax Postponed.

* Why Average Rates of Return are pie-in-the-sky and misleading percentages.

* How to think like and behave like a Bank Owner, instead of like a Bank Customer.

* How banks really earn their wealth and how you can use some of their tactics yourself.

* How to use your dollars multiple times instead of only once.

* The importance of taking your money out of the central banking system so you become part of the solution instead of staying part of the problem.

 It is reported that Albert Einstein said, “we cannot solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used to create them,”  so if you have the ‘arrival syndrome‘ get over it because you will need a paradigm shift in the way you think and use money while becoming your own banker.

I look forward to talking with you NOW. So give me a buzz at 845-649-7487 or email me at, you’ll be glad you did!

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