Corporation Making Too Much Money Without Enough Write-offs?

Recently, I had a client call with a “situation” that had arisen to see if we
could offer a solution to their business financial problem.

A client called recently to “complain” that since the economy was picking up, she and her
husband’s corporation was making too much money without having enough write-offs to
offset the additional income.

We found a solution that solved their problem. We assigned all of their business and personal
assets into their fully paid trust. We then executed a lease-back of their business assets, now
held in the trust, from the corporation. The lease payment is considered a tax write-off to
their corporation and the lease payment to the trust is considered extraordinary dividends,
not income to the trust, not taxable to the trust.

By using this method, our client was able to save the entire cost of their trust in just one

This method can also work for any client who has extraordinary liability and legal exposure to
lawsuits, including doctors and surgeons, dentists, chiropractors and medical practitioners
that really need great asset protection.

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