Trump and his inner circle – that includes not a SINGLE political pundit or TV talking head or radio show guy or blogger or former WH official – set the timetable for rolling out this stuff they’ve known about since even before Trump took office.


Rand Paul went to the WH publicly today to suddenly URGE President Trump to yank the security clearances of Clapper, Brennan & other coup plotters.

Why did this only happen TODAY? 🤔

Didn’t Trump & his team know Clapper, Brennan, et al have been leaking for over a YEAR?

But all of a sudden RAND PAUL SHOWING UP AT THE WHITE HOUSE TO PUBLICLY URGE TRUMP TO YANK THESE CLEARANCES, and Trump slaps himself on the forehead “Oh wow, gosh you’re right! Why didn’t *I* think of that! I should’ve done this long ago! Thanks for bringing this to me, Rand!”
Surface skaters will NEVER figure out what’s really going on. The *cover story* is that inept, helpless, lazy Trump was suddenly moved to take action because Rand Paul had to talk some sense into him.
Trump is only now moving to yank security clearances from leakers who’ve been allowed to leak for over a year & a half because

Now let’s add a second poll question:

Trump had NO IDEA that Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Hayden, Rice, etc. were leaking class. info to the media for past 1 1/2 yr or he knew & did nothing about it or he knew and he tricked them.

Sessions and Rosenstein announced a YEAR ago that a special, new FBI counterintelligence unit had been created to do NOTHING but track down leakers and catch them.

Everybody just dismissed that out of hand. Of course it wasn’t real, or something.

The Wolfe indictment showed you EVERYTHING you needed to know. When they find a major leaker like Wolfe, they LEAVE HIM IN PLACE and they begin feeding him canary traps and disinformation.

They left Wolfe in place for over 6 months after they braced him in December.

And during that six months, from December to early June, was there a SINGLE LEAK about the fact there was a major leak hunt underway inside the US Senate?

There wasn’t a single leak. When they rolled out that indictment of Wolfe it send shock waves throughout DC.

The FBI’s new crack Leak Hunting Unit™ had SIX MONTHS of uninterrupted peace & quiet to learn who Wolfe was leaking FOR and who he was leaking TO.
They caught Wolfe with a canary trap involving the SSCI version of the Carter Page FISA warrant. He sent 82 text messages containing pics of the FISA warrant to Ali Watkins.

That document was marked, and the pics Wolfe sent Watkins directly implicated him.

Then they left him in that job for 6 more months.


Why did they wait six months instead of arresting him immediately?

Well if you think about it, it’s obvious why they waited.

So he could further implicate himself and they could gather EVIDENCE implicating the members of Congress who were using Wolfe as a *middleman* to facilitate leaks to media reporters.

Understand: professional leak hunters and US Attorneys and OIG people exposing all this aren’t on YOUR timetable. They operate on THEIR timetable.

They don’t move until THEY are ready, no matter how many people on your TV are screaming for Trump to do something.

Trump knows EVERYTHING that’s going on. Every now and then a *cover story* is necessary where Trump must pretend he JUST NOW RIGHT THIS MINUTE learned something at the same time that evidence is publicly rolled out to Congress from the OIG or something like that.

Trump’s already SEEN the unredacted Carter Page FISA warrant. He read it long ago. The point is to wait until all the pieces on the board are in place and it’s time to move. That’s the timetable.

Horowitz, Huber, the leak hunters, they are all coordinating together.

When all the pieces are in place, the nukes start falling from orbit.

It was time for that FISA warrant to come out because Horowitz is done with his FISA Court Fraud report, it’s likely coming in just a few weeks.

The leak hunts are also almost done.

Because there’s nothing left to learn by leaving Clapper & Brennan’s & Comey’s security clearances in place, it’s time to yank them.

The leak hunters now think they fully know the full map of the leak network, which members of Congress were involved leaking to which reporters.

Like Wolfe, the leak hunters have been feeding these leakers disinformation & marked canary traps for some time.

Recall the Don Jr. WikiLeaks email story from last year? 3 different leakers told the media they saw the date of Sept. 4?

Donald Trump, his son and others received an email in September 2016 offering a decryption key and website address for hacked WikiLeaks documents, according to an email provided to congressional inve…

How did THREE DIFFERENT LEAKERS all tell CNN they saw the date ‘Sept. 4’ on that email, when the real email said ‘September 14’?

Somehow, people bought the story that THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE got the date wrong.


They *DID* see a document w. a Sept 4 date.

That is a CLASSIC canary trap. You alter *one thing* on the document give it to a suspected leaker, and if that version of the document is what shows up in the media, you’ve identified your leaker AND the reporters he/she is leaking to.

How patient is Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein?

Try to grasp this:

They’ve left KNOWN LEAKERS in place for almost a year so they could feed them canary traps and map out the entire leaking networks. In Congress, St. Dept, DOJ, all across the Fed. Gov’t.

While TV talking heads and pundits and radio guys have SCREAMING for people to be locked up for over a year, patient, calm, dead serious professionals have been patiently, calmly and with dead seriousness going about their work.

And their work is almost done.

IF Trump and Co. had been STUPID, and rolled up the known leakers/plotters last year, as all the TV talking heads were yelling for them to do, they wouldn’t have even gotten 1/3rd of all the people involved.
Instead they ID’d the plotters/leakers, left them there, took careful notes, fed them disinformation, and mapped out the entire network Obama/Hillary oh so very carefully built and left behind them, a network that spanned the DOJ, the State Department, the Intel community.

They wanted to make sure they didn’t miss ANYBODY.

And they likely didn’t.

They spent a year and a half giving these people more and more rope, but the trap doors are about to drop.

They know everything they need to know at this point. There’s nothing more left to learn, about who the plotters are, what they leaked, who they leaked to, etc.

So it was time to release the FISA warrant and yank the security clearances.

Next comes the unredactions of the FISA warrant, then comes DOJ IG Horowitz’s final draft of the FISA Court Fraud investigation.

While that’s going on the leak hunters will be rolling out more indictments.

So to sum up: these coup plotters/leakers had their security clearances left in place because the leak hunters were TRICKING them with false info to map out the entire leaking network that Obama & Hillary left behind them.

Nothing more to learn? Time to yank the clearances then.

APPEARANCES can be deceiving. Yes, it *looked like* these traitors were being left alone, nothing was happening to them while they leaked and plotted away against Trump, and Trump was like, paralyzed or outmaneuvered or blind to the danger or whatever.
And so we got a fun year of people screaming on the TV and in to the radio how Sessions is useless and Rosenstein is a dirty rat and Trump has his hands tied and is being forced to fume impotently on Twitter about it.

There are a lot of people who think they are inside Trump’s ‘inner circle’ who really aren’t. They got fed the same disinformation everybody else got.

Because this was a SERIOUS intelligence operation. The conspiracy being mapped out ran through DOJ/IC/St Dept, all of it.

“Yeah, my WH sources tell me Sessions is paralyzed. In over his head. Nothings happening. He’s too scared. They’re all going to walk.”

Great! That’s what the PLOTTERS HEARD TOO. You got the same disinfo they got. Awesome!

I’ve said for over a year this is a serious intelligence operation being run by professionals. If you manage to call one of them up on the phone and ask for the ‘real scoop’ & you aren’t among the 5-6 people read into this operation?






Op sec is a real thing. “But I’m your friend, I’m your buddy, I’m your pal!”

It doesn’t matter.

You’re not 1 of the extremely small # of people read into this intelligence operation? You’re going to get the same cover story everybody else gets.

It’s nothing personal.

I’ve said for a year the people running this thing will move when all the pieces on the board say they are ready. Not before.

But you will see signs on the road to the endgame.

Today is another sign. It was time to yank the clearances because there’s nothing more to learn.

Brennan, Clapper, Comey, the other plotters have been watched like hawks by serious people who know their stuff. I believe many of these leak hunters are current/former military intelligence.

They know everything by now. No need for any more canary traps or barium meals.

So no need for these plotters to have those clearances any longer. So it was time to take this step.

Rand Paul played a role in providing a cover story for this, so good for him.

Trump knows what he’s doing.


Correction: “They ID’d the plotters/leakers, left them there, took careful notes, fed them disinformation, mapped out the entire network Obama/Hillary carefully built and left behind them, a network that spanned the DOJ, the State Department, the Intel community & the CONGRESS”

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